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When it comes to cleansers / make up removers I have tried plenty from high end right down to the drugstore items I have finally found the best combo for my skin. My skin is very very dry to the point if I don't do hydrating masks twice a week when I apply foundation I get flakey patches in certain areas.

Here are my current staples...

1. For removing eye make up and foundation if I am wearing any that day I tend to use Kao Biore Make Up Remover Perfect Oil 150ml (click on this link to purchase from amazon uk) I actually randomly purchased this in HK during my last visit end of last year. Its cheap at around £5-6 and it's lasted me a good 5-6 months. Its so easy to remove waterproof mascara and I prefer this to using cotton pad / eye make up remover these days - less rubbing around the eye.

2. Next up is LA Rouche- Posay Cleansing gel 200ml you can pick this up easily in your local boots for £12. So after using the oil cleanser I use this with my clarisonic to remove rest of my make up. Its so gentle on your face you wont feel the tightness after washing but you do get through the bottle pretty quickly. I would say the bottles last me just under 2 months which is pretty quick compared to some of the old cleaners I use to use.

3. Once or twice a week I will use a face peel and my favourite is The Face Shop - Papapya or Yonka. Yonka is really good but at £32 for a small tube it was too expensive so the Face Shop version is more pocket friendly at £12 and it smells so good.

4. Mud mask Original mask 100ml £4.99 is also a must weekly for a deep cleanse and I have use this one for years now. You can pick it up easily in boots / superdrug - they also offer a small pack for 99p if you want to try it out before buying the bigger pack.



  1. Wow, you are very religious with your cleansing and masking - I'm lucky if I get to do it once a month!

    1. U gotta keep it up! Getting old!!!!!


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