STYLE: Zara Wishlist

I don't know about you guys but I go through phases where nothing catches my eye in stores then all of a sudden you want absolutely everything!!! Could it be to do with the weather warming up in the recent weeks making you want to buy lots of summer clothes!

Zara seem to have loads of things I want right now - everything in the pics are all from Zara! I actually went in store yesterday to try out all 3 tops and the only one I ended up wanting is the red / white stripe one but I resisted buying for now. As for the bag they only had it in black and I wanted any colour but black so I may order that end of the month in mint green. It's a really cute cross the shoulder bag, all my bags are totes and they are huge so it's nice to be able to carry a light on across my shoulders and not carry anything especially for long days out in London.

Anyone know when the next Zara sale will be...I know they do it twice a year!



  1. Oh gawwwd, there goes my wages on payday! Those Zara bags are gorgeous!

    Jessie @ www.paintbynumbers.me

    1. I know! It's def the mint green one for me!


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