LIFESTYLE: #TobyTravels to Orlando Florida

Let me introduce you to Toby Travels guys! I came across him through reading Rebekah's blog back in December and I offered to take him with me on my trip to Florida this month. Some of you may know it was a bit of a last minute trip where my other half needed to work out there so I decided to join him for a week.

Toby has his own instagram / blog and he's incredibly well travelled. From his instagram account you can see he's travelled parts of Europe, Australia and America. I thought it would be fun to take him with me to Florida and get a few snaps up on his instagram!

To start off a quick selfie with him....LOL something I don't do very often but I broke the rules for him!

NBA game Orlando Magic V Lakers

He came along to Magic Kingdom for the day....I actually forgot to take him out for a photo during the street parades so I have included a few pics of the Fantasy Parade.

He came along to a few of the rides at Magic Kingdom

Photo with Mickey and Minnie Mouse was a must!

We went shopping on a few days while my other half was working : )

The week flew by so quickly and it was time to catch our Virgin Atlantic flight and head home!

The End

Toby will be heading up North to Scotland for a bit before flying to New York!
If you are interested in hosting Toby Travels then get in touch with Rebekah.
Have any of you done anything like this before?! I thought it was just a bit of fun for our travels to take him with us!



  1. I love this idea, we used to do this when I was in first school haha! Your trip away also looked amazing, always wanted to go x

    Through New Eyes x

    1. Haha really! I thought it was more of an American thing, did you follow his instagram account! x

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  2. Aw your selfie is cute! Looks like you had a fun day out. And is that some shopping I spy? I wanna know what's in that Sephora bag! ;P

    1. Ahh thanks, always feel funny about doing selfies but I had to do one with him! Yes a sephora bag....blog post coming soon! : )

  3. Aw love this idea, am slightly jealous how well travelled Toby is compared to me haha. Your photos look great, wish I was going to America. KBxx


    1. I am super jealous, he's off to Scotland then New York I think! x

  4. haha, this looks so fun!!


    1. Kinda cute right! He's well travelled that's for sure!


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