BEAUTY: Bespoke Aroma Bath Teas

Have you ever tried or heard of a bath tea bag by *Bespoke Aroma....well I didn't until a few weeks ago! These amazing tea bags are filled with a variety of natural ingredients for that special bath at the end of the week for most people. I love nothing more than a hot bath soak every night, I find they relax me and help me sleep even better as I tend to bath before bed. In fact I think my ability to sleep well every night is down to my baths.

I think out of the 3 different tea bags Moisture Shot is by far my favourite because I suffer from dry skin especially with the heating on at home in the evenings. You run your bath and throw in the tea bag and just swish it around, the tea bag is specially prepared with ingredients to nurture dry skin and keep moisture locked in. You can also rub the tea bag all over your body to give it the extra moisture boost. I think my favourite ingredients inside this tea bag has got to be goats milk, oatmeal and dead sea salts. Each tea bag is only for 1 use only which makes sense really since you don't use a used tea bag for making tea! They are scented but it's not overpowering it's just enough to scent the room and send you to Zzzzz.....

To take the relaxing another step further after bath I would apply the *Pulse Points before bed. Since these are small roller ball bottles you can carry them around with you to use when ever. I love anything with Lavender so this one was a clear favourite of mine. If you do yoga I think this would be a good combo with the deep breathing and stretches associated with yoga.

I always have a tube of hand cream in my draw at work and for quite a while now the Loccitane shea butter is no longer doing its job and some of you may have seen me tweet about it. I think as with anything if you have used it for a long time your skin gets use to it and the effects are less obvious to when you first used it. To be fair I have used Loccitane for prob 3-4 years now and I love the smell of the product more than anything.

*Bespoke Aroma's hand cream was developed as a result of requests for a cream that could ease symptoms such as dry skin. I have only just started using this the end of last week as I prefer to finish products before starting new ones but so far it's doing a great job. The cream is very rich but not greasy at all but that might be due to the condition of my hands right now - dry!

The tea infusion or tea bags as I like to call them are hands down definitely my favourite. They make great gifts or even stocking fillers and they are something different to the usual products people might buy, not to mention they are beautifully packaged all hand made.

Share with me your own tips on relaxing, are there certain products that work for you or is it as simple as exercising as I know this works for a lot of people. 

PS: Look out for my give away in the next week or so I will be giving away the Soothing Bath Tea!

If you haven't already done so hop over to my previous post to win yourself a cute Lindt Bunny!



  1. Wow, the concept of a teabag in the bath sounds like an ingenious idea. Such a lover of drinking tea so really intrigued about this idea. Will definitely be looking out for your giveaway for one of these~

    Diana xx | London Girl Diana

    1. I know! I don't even know why we didnt think of this sooner and yes my give away is almost ready! It's a good one!

  2. I love this idea wow!! These look so soothing to bathe in
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

    1. It was super soothing and it was nice to be able to rub the tea bag on your body to get all the goodness out of it and onto your skin! Look out for my give away.

  3. Ooooh love love love the sound of these teabags! I would so buy them :)


    1. Its suppose to be really popular in the US and we seem to have only just discovered! I heard oats are really good for your skin so I may put a load in some tights and throw it in my bath! lol


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