Would you have gone to #LABloggerTrip

Everything kicked off in the blogging world last week with this #LABloggerTrip and someone even mentioned it got trending in the evening with so many of you tweeting about it.

Now with all the talk about it I doubt I need to go into detail of the story but it far as I know it was a lot of money for the trip, are you guys really prepared to hand over so much money (well over £1k) for a trip. There will be plenty of arguments / opinions for or against so I thought it would be interesting to open up a poll to hear all your thoughts!

Would you go on a holiday abroad organised by a blogger?
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*Peepoc is a social poll where you can get quick opinions from your followers to find out exactly what they like or dislike or which they prefer and it creates conversation and gets you interacting with your followers on a whole different level.

Often I see a lot of bloggers tweet asking what blog posts their readers enjoy reading however when you tweet the people who reply would be the ones who happen to be on twitter at the same time as you but with a poll you catch all your readers especially the loyal ones!

There is also a FREE app for Apple and Android which makes voting even more easier all you need to search is Peepoc.

It really is as simple as that...cast your votes!!!



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