ALL COLOUR ENVELOPES: Posting Bits And Pieces Back Home

Did you guys know *All Colour Envelopes are 9 times more likely to be opened than white! Interesting but if you really think about it that's true, all the post we receive these days are either in white or brown envelopes and it's usually nothing good...bills / bank statements / marking rubbish. All Colour Envelopes offer a huge collection (over 2000 varieties) of envelopes for sale, what ever the size, colour, type they have it.
I have been taking a lot of polariod photos throughout my pregnancy stages and they have come in handy in posting photos back home to my family. My favourite ones for photos has to be the String & Washer Envelopes as they are thick enough not to bend the photos.
Their standard All Colour Envelopes are perfect for things like Wedding Invitations if you are planning on making your own invites, thank you letters, dinner invites, baby shower or even Christmas Cards as a lot of people tend to make their own these days. The Metallic Padded Bubble Bags are perfect for posting small Christmas gifts as they come in the usual Christmas colours silver, gold, red and green. 
All Colour Envelopes offer a range of services to suit your needs from posting out samples for you to check out, printing your company logo on the envelopes to offering bulk buy for businesses or even requesting your very own custom size. I know a lot of you bloggers have your own online shop, they have offers online and they change frequently so worth checking to see if anything suits your business as some products can be sold at less than cost price.




  1. I love the string and washer envelops!! The yellow padded ones looks like a lot of fun too, and good tip on posting Christmas presents with these!


    1. The string / washer ones are my favourite also and they would look great for invites if you tie them up with some coloured string!


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