I LOVE: Pamper Time To Relax Those Aching Muscles

It might sound a little crazy but I actually have a bath daily....YES daily!!! I hate showers I find them a chore and it's another thing I have to do whereas baths is a time for me to relax and completely unwind for the day. Hot water (not boilding hot but comfy temp) has many benefits than you think and for me personally it helps me with the following...

Helping Me Sleep
Once of the things I never have problem with is sleeping...I am one of those people who can sleep anywhere / everywhere and this might be to do with the daily baths I have. Hot water relaxes the body to help you sleep, not only does it relax your muscles it also relaxes you physically and mentally.

Cleaning My Skin
Whilst showers are a lot cleaner however a hot soak in the bath can open up your pores to clean out some of the dead skin / toxins in your body.

Improving My Blood Circulation
Just by having a few baths a week can help with your blood circulation and it's an exercise for your blood circulation.

Feeling Generally Better
Our daily lives can be stressful and a hot bath can help you feel physically better and it can also help reduce anxiety.
With all this in mind let me introduce you to *I love....most of you will recognise this brand from Boots / Superdrug. I was recently sent a selection to try out however I have already use the Mango & Papaya shower gel / creme previously and absolutely love it the scent is so refreshing. I love the fact that its a shower gel or bath creme which makes it very convenient and it does a great job of creating lots of bubbles for the bath. From left to right we have Peach Passion Fruit, Rasberry & Blackberry, Mango & Papaya and Coconut & Cream. My two favourite has to be Mango & Papaya and Rasberry & Blackberry.
Have you tried these before and which is your favourite? Have I convinced you to make time for a hot soak in the bath at least twice a week especially as it gets colder in the evenings!


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