INTO THE BLUE: Worlds Most Dangerous Stunts Performed by Stars

We all love an action movie and it's not an action movie without any stunts right! Stunts in movies get people talking and it gets the audience on the edge of their seat which is why we love action packed movies so much. Stunts have been a major part of the film industry since the early 1900s and these movies always draw the biggest crows at the box office.

Over the year stunts have got more and more complicated as the audience want more and more...also with the advances in CGI and safety accessories means actors rarely perform their own stunts and body doubles are used, however there are still a few A-listers that perform their own stunts. Tom Cruise made headlines recently because of the stunt he performed in his latest blockbuster Mission: Impossible Rouge Nation, this got *Into the Blue thinking about other actors such as Jacky Chan who also perform their own stunts.
Into the blue created the above infograpic to share with you all on the all time most famous stunts performed by Hollywood A-listers. Do you recognise any of them?
It's not just men who do their own stunts woman do the same also! Apparently Angelina Jolie does 99% of her own stunts. Back in 2010 she revealed she did her own stunts for Salt, in preparation for that she actually attended sessions a few times a week to get herself prepared!

Kristen Steward is another one for her Twilight series and she also performed her own cation scenes in Snow White and the Huntsman a feat that required her to overcome her fear of horses!

If you are a Hollywood A-Lister would you do your own stunts or would you opt for a body double to do them for you? 


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  1. Wow, that video of Tom Cruise is pretty impressive!! I didn't know he did his own stunt!



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