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Did you know the 2015 Rugby World Cup is the ongoing eight Rugby World Cup, the quadrennial rugby union world championship. This time it's being hosted by us England from the 18th Sep through to 31st October  and the final will take place at Twickenham Stadium in London. England was chosen to host the competition back in 2009 beating rival bids from Japan, South Africa and Itlay. Of the 20 teams competing at the 2015 World Cup, 12 of them actually qualified by finishing in the top 3 places in their pools in the 2011 World Cup and the other 8 teams qualified through regional competition. Also of the 20 countries that competed in the previous World Cup in 2011 there was only 1 change which is Uruguay replaced by Russia otherwise it is also the first World cup since 1987 with no new teams! 

According to *MaxiNutrition to be a strong rugby player you have to focus on working multiple muscle group along with working on movements that are repeated on the pitch. They have various training plans which will help you improve your overall strength in Rugby specific scenarios. For example a 6 week rugby strength program consists of three exercises for each training day, all of these exercises will work on large muscle groups and fall into one of three categories: Squat, Pull and Push! Hop over to their website there are various articles which are put together to help you with training and nutrition for Rugby...have a read and take our performance to the next level! 
As with all these big major tournaments we always have a sweepstake with me picking Italy and England...no idea how I will do!


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