#AD PARENTING: How To Save Time With Bidvine

Time is something I don't have enough of these days. If I am not working in my day job 9-6 I am blogging in the evenings, taking care of Nicole or working on my business LemonBabiess. Sounds crazy huh....

When Nicole was born we had newborn photos taken by a local photographer who specialises in newborn photography. We actually came across her details at the birthing center, we didn't actually plan to get these photos done but having seen her work hanged up around the birth center we had to take Nicole to a shoot as they were so beautiful. Fast forward 10 months we are almost reaching the 1 year old mile stone and we have been thinking about getting a family photo shoot. Of course I am picky with the style of photography and I have no time to look into this myself. My days are just super jam packed so I no longer have the luxury of browsing online all evening to do internet shopping or sit on the sofa all evening and watch TV like I use to back in the days...I literally feel like I am supermum these days.
*Bidvine is a fast and free way to get competing quotes for local services from available and interested professionals with no legwork or hassle. Bidvine cover it all from home, wellness, learning, events, care and more. It's free to use and it' basically does all the work for you and super easy to use by just answering a few simple questions. You can think of Bidvine as your personal assistant for finding local service providers and getting things done.

I filled in a short simple form which took no more than 10 minutes and it put together a quote for a family photographer along with my postcode and budget £250 within 2-3 days I received 5 quotes back via email ranging from £125-£250. Each photographer sent me a personalised email along with their price and link to their website so I can see their portfolio. I can either reply to the email or give them a call to discuss further before making a decision.

You can start to see how this would save you time because if you have things which need doing around the house eg: painter / cleaner instead of searching online for the services you can put in a request here and the quotes will come back to you within the budget you requested. A few weeks ago I was calling around for a new window cleaner and it took me absolutely ages to find one. Either they charge hourly and wouldn't give me a fixed fee, they don't cover my area, they are fulled booked for the next 2 weeks, told me they would call back later but they don't and it took many calls / voice mails to actually find one. With Bidvine you can submit all your requests within 10 minutes and just check your emails in the evening and see what quotes have come back.

Will you be trying out Bidvine for anything on your "To Do" list?


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