Need Help With Tax Returns? Why you should Go SimpleTax instead of HMRC

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When ever we hear the word TAX in UK lets be honest it gives us a headache. The first thing we think is lots of paper work and you really don't know what you are doing. It's often something you put of doing because its a lot of paperwork. Even Albert Einstein struggled with it famously saying "the hardest thing in the world is to understand the income tax" its stressful, hassle, time consuming and expensive.

This year is my first year doing my own tax claims and to be honest I really don't have a clue where to start. Having read up various bits online I still have no better knowledge on what to do and I find it all very confusing. You could say there is far too much info online which makes it confusing and the more you read the more conflicting info for different scenarios. You just want someone just to give you a letter and tell you how much you need to pay and get it done with or something simple online for you to fill in and it will auto work everything out for you.

It was suggested to me Simple Tax can take some of the headache away and offer you a taxation lifeline! So you can instead of going through the usual HMRC route you can head over to *Go SimpleTax instead. The service is very simple and easy to use because it allows you to file your tax returns online it's pretty much a one stop for everything tax related even for the clueless!

The list of benefits are endless:
  • You can file your self assessment in minutes from the comfort of your own home so it's super quick.
  • The software system can identify savings you probably didn't even know exists so there are savings to be made.
  • Often you are asking yourself why you are paying so much tax, your questions will be answered / explained so you can finally understand your taxes.
  • SimpleTax will submit everything for you so no need to wait for HMRC to accept your tax return. The method is simply type in your access code and they will email you when the submission has been successful for piece of mine.
  • They offer a great support services until 10pm in the evenings 5 days a week and the system is safe and secure.
  • Everything is calculated auto for you so no need to do it manually yourself.
  • Once everything is submitted you can save a PDF file version of your tax return for future reference so everything can be kept on your laptop/PC easily.

Since everything is App led these day you can download GoSimpleTax app to keep track of everything on the go. I personally like to do everything on the laptop but for those who are out and about the app is probably a good option especially if you need figures to hand for meetings etc..

Ive been slowly gathering everything together so I can complete everything so it can work out my tax amount for the year. So far so good and straight forward.... To save time and stress this year hop over to GoSimpleTax and see how their service can help you and take the stress away! 

Disclaimer: These are my opinion based on me using the site for myself and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.

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