Little One's Wardrobe For A Cruise Holiday

We are about to book our second family cruising holiday for later this year. Having attended the last one the black tie evenings are a big thing and people really do get dressed up. I find it a bit of a pain really and would much rather be in my chilled out gear daily. Prior to kids I would probably look forward to it a lot more but having to get yourself ready to a presentable state your also rushing around dressing the little one and more often than not it was stressful as you get given a set eating time. Anyway to plan ahead on the little one's outfits there is a lot on River Island mini, at affordable prices with plenty of girls dresses for the formal night.
Here is how little mood board is looking so far.

If you have ever wondered what its like to be on a cruise then hop over to this page with all the photos from my press trip on Princess Cruises!


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