Men’s Gifts: Shaving Gifts For Him

The classic wet shave can sometimes be seen as a lost art. Men often have little time to brave a proper shave and those who do are too intimidated by the wet shaving process. However, the old fashioned shave is now making a comeback, with men looking for inspiration from their elder relatives to get a clean and enjoyable shave.
Grooming is a daily task for every man, whether young or old. In other words, grooming gifts are not only a thoughtful gift idea – they are also extremely helpful! They make the perfect gift for any man.
Shaving sets, body washes, facial cleansers and colognes are just a few of the many products that are used by men to always look, feel and smell good.
You can't go wrong with these gifts, whether you're shopping for a man who still uses disposable razors and stores own brand shaving cream, or a man who expects a certain level of quality in grooming products.

Whether it be your brother, boyfriend, cousin, or husband, do your loved one a favour this season and increase their grooming experience with the best shaving products.

Ideal Shaving Gifts For Him
The Razor
One of the main discussed debates in the world of shaving is whether to go for a cartridge razor or a safety razor. For the closest and most luxurious shave,  safety razors are the way to go…
A safety razor is a traditional shaving tool dating back to the 1800’s and originally got their name as a less sinister, and user friendly alternative to the traditional cut-throat razors used in barber shops.

Simply put, a safety razor is essentially a razor on a handle with only one single blade, and a protective barrier or " comb. " As stated earlier, it is a much more user friendly blade and  limits how much of the blade can contact the skin preventing any Sweeney Todd-esque incidents!
In the heat of the debate of safety vs cartridge razors, it is not unusual that the main point arises: refill blades for safety razors are significantly cheaper. That makes them a fantastic present: you’ll not only provide your partner with a luxurious gift, but save them money in the long run!
When it comes to the actual shaving performance itself, many safety razor fans argue that they cause less irritation, ensuring a pleasant shave, but they also result in a much closer shave than your standard cartridge razor

Now, if we were to take a step back and look at this from a non-razor fanatic point of view, this argument does make sense. Why, you ask? The single, extremely sharp blade should give you a cleaner cut, with directional control over how low down the hair follicle you go.
Whereas the cartridge razor has a “lift and cut” mechanism, which does produce a similar result to the safety razor, this can cause irritation and razor burn, merely down to the pure fact that the hair follicles are cut too far down, which can cause them difficulty growing back into the skin.
It makes the safety razor an absolutely fantastic choice of razor for a Christmas present for you partner, dad, brother or friend.

The Shaving Cream
Choosing the correct shaving cream to go along with his razor is a crucial make or break investment to his shaving experience, it can be like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth, not a good mix!

Shaving cream keeps his beard moisturised during his shave, allowing them to be easier to cut, due to them being softer. This allows him to have an all-round more comfortable experience during his shave. It’s the perfect accompanying gift to a razor.
To avoid the redness and irritation of shaving, using shaving cream creates a thin layer of protection between the blade and the skin, ensuring less friction and minimising razor burn..
One factor that is constantly overlooked when shaving is the tracking. It is so intuitive that we may not even realise it, but just simply removing the cream as he’s shaving helps him keep track of where he’s already been over with his blade, ensuring that he’ll cover all areas of his skin.
The Shaving Brush

 Before the very existence of shaving brushes, men used sea sponges to lather up soap on their faces! The brushes that we use or see today were invented by the French in the eighteenth century! WOW!

The idea of using a shaving brush, natural or synthetic, will prepare his skin for an optimal shave. This goes hand in hand with the shaving cream, think of it as a sidekick!
The shaving brush gently exfoliates the skin, removing any dead skin cells, hair, and dirt from the area which is about to be shaved. This helps prevent razor blockage, ensuring less strokes with the razor to remove all the hair. It also lifts hairs away from the skin, allowing for a much closer shave. For the ultimate shaving Christmas present, combine razor, shaving cream and a high quality shaving brush.

The Beard Shampoo & Oil
If the man you’re buying for  doesn’t shave his beard, keep in mind that he’ll need products to maintain it isn’t going to look after itself!

If he has beard shampoo but no beard oil, or vice versa, it’s like having ice cream without the ice! These two products work so well hand in hand and compliment each other. You’re probably questioning, why can’t he just use regular shampoo? NO! Hair shampoo is full of harsh chemicals that work for the hair on your head, but will deprive his beard of natural oils leaving the skin beneath his beard dry, and causing itchy or flaky skin.

Using a good beard shampoo significantly reduces these risks, as they have been formulated to work with the natural oils in his beard and skin, so buy him one for Christmas!
Applying beard oil after a wash will prevent his skin from drying up and flaking. But doesn’t beard shampoo do that anyway? Washing it with shampoo is okay, but it won’t set him up for the day. Beard oil is usually applied after the washing of a beard and is rubbed in to the roots of the hair. This way, it prevents hair from growing brittle, especially in cold, windy environments as weather conditions can cause the beard to dry up throughout the day. It is crucial to keep it hydrated to prevent flaking, dandruff, and skin dryness.

These are the essential shaving gifts for him, which you can buy separately to craft your own perfect gift set, or you can buy pre-made shaving sets to save you the hassle!


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