FOODIE: Clarence Court Omelette breakfast

I took Friday off work to just use up some of my holidays since we are half way through the year already can you believe it! Usually at weekends we like to cook a fry up or I will make choc croissants etc... Since I was on my own I decided to make a simple omelet using some of the finest ingredients around! 

The best eggs from Clarence Court, mini avocado and seafood sticks all from my weekly Waitrose food delivery and M&S double cream and a bit of salt / pepper seasoning.

Clarence court eggs are super sweet and creamy it's the key item for the omelette tasting so yummy!

It's so easy to make - whisk the eggs and throw all the other items in and pour it all in a frying pan for 30-40 seconds on the highest heat and it's ready for serving with a hot cup of tea.

Click here for your local stock list for the eggs.



  1. I hadn't actually given much thought into the taste of different eggs - I'll definitely have to taste the difference next time! I really, really can't believe we're half way through the year already - time has flown!!

    1. I didn't either until I tried these! Before eggs were just eggs but I just picked free range all the time and that was it! Def try them they are so creamy and sweet!

  2. Getting them on my next shop! never knew eggs could taste sweet and creamy! =D


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