MY POOCH TULA: My Poor Baby Tula

This is my five year old Shih Tzu Tula! She is absolutely wonderful to have around the house and everyone is so fond of her, she constantly keeps you entertained with her human like behaviour! Shih tzus are loving dogs despite them being rather stubborn and have a mind of their own but they make wonderful pets! 

So it's been a very stressful weekend for us all and it started off with us taking her to emergency vet appointment at 6pm Friday evening because she had diarrhea and vomiting on Thursday. The vet gave her 3 injections that evening - anti vomit / something to relax her and something else and we were asked to bring her back in first appointment Sat. 

We took her back in first thing in the morning and her conditioned worsened (she didn't eat anything all evening) and she was highly dehydrated so blood / urine samples were taken for testing and they kept her in for rest of the day and put her on a drip to hydrate her. We picked her back up end of the day and she was feeling a lot more perky and awake so we took her home along with some recovery food and we were asked to feed her every 30 min up until 11pm - she had a big appetite which was such a relief! Again she kept me awake in the middle of the night because she needed the toilet (so lucky she is house trained to use the toilet pads) but lucky the vomit appears to have stopped.

We took her back in again Sunday morning for another check up, jab and more medication and we are booked to go back in Monday evening.

We still don't really know the cause of what happened despite a number of tests being carried out. When she is back to full health we will need to do ultra scan to look deeper and see what the problem is and see what we can do to treat it. What we don't want to do is assume she has recovered and stop all treatment and for it to come back in a few weeks or months time.

Hopefully with the medication she will slowly recover and get back to normal.

It's been such a stressful weekend taking her in and out and the worry that we have done nothing all weekend. I will be working from home tomorrow just to keep an eye on her and to keep feeding her small amounts frequently.

The top photo was taken earlier today when we got home - vet had taken off the bulky bandage along with the drip needle and replaced it with a simple dressing that we can take off this evening its just to prevent any bleeding when the needle was taken out.

Anyway that is all from me, I am going to enjoy what's left of my day/evening.

Hope you all had a great weekend - the sun is shinning!



  1. I hope Tula is ok and glad that she doesn't need any more overnight stays at the Vets! Hope she has been doing better this week Mandy! x


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