LIFESTYLE: Random Bits & Pieces

Just a few pics showing life lately....
  • Snacking on lots of cucumber dipped in hummous at work.
  • Local Thai festival, me eating a big bowl of beef noodles and lots of snacks on sale.
  • New Bodum BBQ which we tested out last weekend ready for when we have people over this weekend.
  • Took tula to the groomers and she had a super short cut this time since her beard was so knotty! She looks like she's shrunk!
  • New purchases from the Whistles sale at John Lewis and you can read my post here
  • My favourite Lancome polishes - read here
  • Few new books - I have actually finished the Katie Price one and I must admit I really enjoyed it. It clearly is what it says on the cover "love, lipstick and lies" I managed to finish it in a few days. I actually brought these books for holiday but I think I will need to pick a few new ones. I started the Secret WAG last night and it's just as addictive, wish I actually saved this one for holiday now!!!


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