FOODIE: Strawberry Farm

It's early Sunday evening just finished dinner (left over BBQ food from yesterday) and I am sat outside on the balcony enjoying the cool sea breeze and view of IOW / Portsmouth across the waters from our balcony!

I woke up fairly early this morning and decided to go strawberry picking since it was going to be another beautiful day! After a short drive we arrived and there was absolutely loads to pick : strawberries, runner beans, courgettes, blackberry, gooseberry, marrows and blackcurrents. This place was absolutely huge with acres and acres of land. Not sure how but we managed to spend around 2.5 hours picking strawberries and wondering around. The huge bucket of strawberries only cost a little over £5 and its way too much for both of us so I am taking a few into work tomorrow.

Strawberries and thick double cream for pudding this evening! yum yum!!!!!



  1. Yum yum! We went to a farm last year near me too and spent hours there. Produce is fresh and cheap!

    1. Tempted to head back this sat for another basket since we have friends over on sun for BBQ!


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