BEAUTY: Lancome Vernis in Love

If you are like me and you have no patients in waiting for your nails to dry then continue reading!!! I usually buy the usual BarryM or Essie polishes but noticed with these the more you use them the thicker the mixture gets and the more difficult the application becomes then it takes forever to dry and eventually it needs to be thrown out!

In the January sales I picked these up from the Lancome sales in my local John Lewis. At full price they cost £13 each but they were on sale £6 each (happy face!!!) so I picked up two colours that I would wear all the time. The brush is really easy to use / control and you can apply 2 coats quickly and it dries super fast. In fact if I use the red or coral I use the peach colour as base coat so I end up with 3 coats and it still dries just as fast. They are expensive £13 full price but I have been told you can use them pretty much till they are empty so they are in my opinion worth paying the extra.

So the colours (top photo) I have are:
134B - coral colour
122N - this is a shimmery peach
122B - this is actually more of a red than coral

In the bottom photo I am actually wearing 122B the red - I think the flash changed the colour of it slightly because it's definitely a red.

Are there any other nail polish brands you can suggest for me to try?



  1. Ooooh very nice!
    Try the Boots no7, the colours are a copy of Essie's but much cheaper at £6 a bottle and usually on the 3 for 2 offer

  2. ooo pretty colours! I love the one you're holding especially.
    OPI is my all time fave but I generally only ask for them as Christmas/Birthday treats as they break the bank otherwise!
    Betty x

    Ps I can't get over how cute Tula is. She is too much.



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