FOODIE: #HelloFresh - Can I Inspire You to Cook Quick, Easy and Healthy Meals?

#HelloFresh is the best thing ever if you work full time and you don't want the stress of meal planning and visits to the supermarket each week.

How it works:
1. They create the recipe's that are balance and delicious not to mention super easy to make.
2. They pack the box with all the fresh ingredients you will need.
3. They deliver for free directly to your door.
4. We cook the meal following the recipe and step by step instructions.

We are on our 4th week and we have been eating something different every single night. The vegetables are organic, meat are all from free roaming farms and the fish is from James Knight of Mayfair who also delivers to the Queen! (good enough for the queen, good enough for me!)

I started this subscription with a £20 off coupon code I found online which is worth using just to give this a try if you are not sure.

There are various boxes available for couples, families and vegetarians so something for everyone.

If you are interested in a trial you can enter this code Y9A96M at checkout for your £20 off - click here

Lightly Smoked Salmon Fish Cake with Citrus Salad

Raiders of the Lost Beef and Mushroom Burger

Basilicata Cod with Truffle Mash and Roasted Leeks

Herbed Pork and Pesto Penne

Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Pepper Jerk with Citrus Creme Fraiche

Each meal comes with a recipe like the one below and you pick what you need and start cooking. At the back of the recipe card will be the step by step guide on making the dish. I would say there are no more than 8-9 steps to follow in creating any of their dishes and they only take between 30-40 minutes to make!

Happy Cooking! : )

If you do sign up please share your photos with me!!!!



  1. All these meals look amazing, I really need to start eating healthier, I'm living of chocolate spead on toast and chicken dippers at the moment! xx

    1. Ah thanks...you can cook this stuff up at home! Its so easy...cant go wrong!!! x

  2. This box looks and sounds delish! I love how quick they take to make too! Will be having a look at this :)

    1. Yes - def worth a try with the £20 off first order and see how you get on. I certainly wasn't expecting to keep it going for as long as I have!

  3. Replies
    1. Iam drooling looking back at the photos myself!

  4. These are my kind of dinners! Pennies are a little tight at the minute but would be SO up for this if not :)


    1. Its worth trying with the £20 off code for 1 week. TBH I had only planned to do that myself but the convenience etc works so well for us and our work schedules etc..

  5. I love the idea of it, healthy and within budget it seems. Only thing is I'm not sur the portions are big enough for G! haha

    1. We were worried about the portion size but the contents of these meals are actually very filling! I certainly spend a lot less on food each week when sticking with hellofresh!


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