SYTLE: LUSH African Paradise Body Conditioner

Over the last few weeks or so I have been going through all my opened products and using them all up before buying anything new. 

Now I don't have that many but enough to keep me going for the next month or so I would say. 

Lush African paradise body conditioner was one of these items I opened up before going on holiday and since coming back I have not used it becasue I've been loving my Rituals Mei Dao cream so much but that big tub I got a few months back is finished.

African paradise is a body conditioner where you would apply your usual shower gel in the shower (can be used in the bath) then apply a small amount all over your body and rinse it off then lightly towel yourself dry so you don't rub away the oils.

This smells so good the tropical hydration with almond and moringa oils, Shea butter and fresh mango juice brightens the skin while aloe cools and soothes.

You don't need a lot so the pot will last you a while and this is perfect to get you through the cold winter months when the heating is on all the time and you need something that works quick. I just wish they offer this as a bath melt because I love the smell so much.

Price wise it is expensive at £19.95 but I will be repurchasing and that says it all really! 

When you next pop into your local lush have a whiff....you won't be disappointed.

Are there any other Lush products you re purchase over and over?!? 



  1. Answering your question. I always purchase the rehab shampoo and the butterball bath bomb. On the other stuff i like to try around. This sounds really good though. I do not own a body conditioner but just simple body lotion. This sounds very interesting for in the evening. I get quite dry skin on my body in the winter and its handy when you can apply something under the shower.

    1. Not tried the rehab shampoo...will have a sniff when I pop in end of the month. Need to stick to my "spending ban" for now! Yes its really handy and quick to use in the shower! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This sounds lovely - I've seen it in the shops, but it's not one I've picked up yet. I'm tempted to try it though!

    I always re-purchase the BB Seaweed facemask - it works wonders on my skin and is so soothing :)

    Jo x

    She Wears Burgundy

    1. Not tried the BB seaweed mask but I made the Cupcake mask at a lush bloggers event a few months back! Ask the store for a small sample pot next time you pop into your local store! Try before you buy since it is expensive at £20.

  3. I've never tried this, it sounds amazing though! Might have to pick one up next time. I love Lush, their products are great and animal friendly too!

    1. It smells really good and the scent just stays on you for the whole day! It barely takes a minute to do..just like how you put conditioner all over your hair! Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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