LIFESTYLE: Week 1 - October No Spending Ban

Pay day was 26th Sep but it seemed absolutely ages ago now....

So this month is all about my so called "spending ban" since we have just come back from holiday and Christmas is only round the corner. 

During the festive period we like to visit London regularly so it's best to save the penny's now!

I wanted to document everything I resisted buying so far this month to share with you all and see how I get on....

Week 1
Resisted purchasing art painting from Made by Girl - Jen released another series earlier in the week.
Steve Madden pointy flats
Lush Halloween / Christmas goodies
Eating out in general / take outs
Zara hand bag...anyone who knows me will know these bags are so ME!

It's been tough this week, I have been so use to just randomly browsing and freely buying what I want. 

However it's been going well so far and I have brought nothing yup nothing! My bank will wonder what's going on since the only transaction going out each week is my weekly food shop. (happy face!)

Some of you have been asking on twitter how I am doing it, I will share a post with you all next week on tips and things I am finding useful.

Do you have any tips you can share with me and is anyone else doing this?!



  1. Haha, you are like me. I booked my tickets to Las Vegas last Friday and that was pretty much my luxury for this month. I am trying to spend less and I am also resisting lots of things. If I want to order something, I bookmark it. If I still want to buy it after a week, I buy it. Believe it or not, but many things I don't fancy after a few days anymore. If I still like them after a week, it is worth buying it.

    German Girl in London

    1. If I go by your rule then that handbag will be coming home with me end of this month! ; )

  2. I'm thinking about starting a spending-ban. I definitely need to start thinking about buying Christmas presents!


    1. Better save now than struggle in dec when everyone's shopping! : )

  3. Good job on your spending ban so far. I used to buy a new pair of shoes every week, I stopped about a year ago and my bank account is much happier now. Those Steve Madden flats are so cute, you definitely need to get them AFTER the ban is over :P


  4. Yay looks like you're doing well hun. I hated my spending ban but I found as the weeks went on it got so much easier. I like the documenting what you haven't bought part it's a really great idea. Good luck with the rest of your ban my love.

    Hannah xxx

  5. Hi Mandy. Oh man. A no spending ban is rough!!! one tip is that i just do not go out to places where there is temptation. I try to focus on my other FREE interests: reading books, taking pictures, walking my dog, etc. its not as thrilling sometimes as shopping but it gets my mind off of it! LOL. YOU CAN DO IT!!! good luck and keep us posted.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  6. Thanks Chie. It actually gets a lot easier as the days go by... Yes we have been going on lots of dog walks to keep busy! I will do a post each week to keep everyone updates since there's been lots of interest on twitter!

  7. Great post! I've never placed a proper spending ban on myself but if I'm trying to be good, I DO NOT visit my favourite shops online and stay well away from the shops. If I can't resist internet browsing, I'll bookmark the item on a wishlist spreadsheet =P

    Also, I limit buying lunch and going out for dinner to once a week max for each.

    1. Ahh I am ok on lunches usually only spend around £5 a week if that! Just making cous cous with tuna, cheese ham toasted sandwiches, soups etc and generally buying what ever is on deal in the shops...all very cheap! : )


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