CURRY NIGHT: Loyd Grossman

I was recently asked if I wanted to sample the new Loyd Grossman limited edition Mint Masala Chicken Curry. I usually buy the Thai Green Curry sauces for convenience so I thought why not.

A few days later I took delivery of this huge box not realising what it was until I opened it up, I was certainly not expecting the sauces since the jars are not that big. To my surprise it was a huge Loyd Grossman box of goodies!

The box consisted of everything you need for a curry night - fast and convenient perfect for nights when you are too tired to cook from scratch.

Last week hubby and I had 2 days off work Thur / Fri and we decided to have our curry night opting for the Limited Edition Mint Masala since we were both too lazy to cook and hubby managed to put this together in 30 minutes!

In the box we were given a silver dish to put our curry in, some garlic corriander naan, box of rice and 2 jars of sauce - mint masala and tikka masala

I must say it was absolutely delicious the only ingredient we needed to add in was fresh chicken and it was all cooked in no time! I was a little surprised by the taste thinking it would be strong mint flavour but it wasn't at all.

"Inspired by vibrant Indian mint pudina, this unique limited edition Mint Masala sauce has a fresh and light fragrance, perfect for a midweek flavour celebration!"

I would highly recommend the Loyd Grossman brand, its tasty and great value for your money.

You can pick up the jars from your local Sainsburys!



  1. This sounds like such a delicious idea. I have always been kind of fascinated with the concept of getting a box that had everything for a whole meal. And since the guy has the same name as i do, i just had to check out your post ;)
    Had to giggle about the fresh chicken part. Thank goodness it didn't come with the fresh meat, otherwise you'd never know how fresh it really is...:P
    Even though i'm not a huge loved of Indian food, i love those sauces. They sound really good.
    Glad you enjoyed your meal.
    Luchessa @ http://luchessa.org/

    1. This is perfect for mid week, you know for those lazy nights when no one wants to really cook!! Quite a comfort food so perfect for those cold winter nights! Their Thai Green curry jar is my fav still!

  2. I do love Lloyd Grossman the pasta sauces are really good too. I love simple foot like this because theyre easy and quick but also taste really good and they dont taste like junk food xx


    1. If it's quick and easy then I am interested! He's brought out a new range of pasta sauces for 1-2 people and they are more convenient than the jar sauces - take a look next time your in the supermarket.

  3. Wowee this looks incredible! mmmm curry night, may have to have one tonight now…oops
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

    1. I am all about quick, easy and convenient meals during the weekdays and this is one of them! x

  4. I'm such a sucker for those balti dishes - instantly makes the whole meal look even more authentic!


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