#HELLOFRESH: Part 3 Delicious Quick Meals

Pan Fried Chicken with Dukkah - Roasted Sweet Potatos and Citus Sour Cream
Stir-Fried Chinese Chilli Beef with Succulent Steak
Gremolata Crusted Tilapia with Roasted Mediterranean Veg
Rosemary Lamb with Pelagonia Roasted Red Pepper Ragu
Greek Style Nachos Grande with Lamb and Minted Tzatziki
Coconut Red Curry with Toasted Cashews

So it's been a while since I have done a HelloFresh post mainly because I been spreading my posts out so there is variety and not just food!

You can read my previous HelloFresh posts here part 2 and the first post.

Just a re-cap of what this is for those who haven't heard of HelloFresh..

#HelloFresh is the best thing ever if you work full time and you don't want the stress of meal planning and visits to the supermarket each week.

How it works:
1. They create the recipe's that are balance and delicious not to mention super easy to make.
2. They pack the box with all the fresh ingredients you will need.
3. They deliver for free directly to your door.
4. We cook the meal following the recipe and step by step instructions.

I started this subscription with a £20 off coupon code I found online which is worth using just to give this a try if you are not sure.

There are various boxes available for couples, families and vegetarians so something for everyone.

If you are interested in a trial you can enter this code Y9A96M at checkout for your £20 off - click here



  1. That rosemary lamb ragu sounds amazing! I need to step up cooking in Hong Kong, small space cooking is nearly as fun as going outdoors... *cough cough* x

    1. You got better food in HK and you don't even need to cook!! Does it not work out cheaper with fan hub than buying ingredients to cook each night!!!

  2. This post has made me very hungry haha, food looks amazing. KBxx


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