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We are approaching our last weekend before Christmas, have you finished all your shopping and most importantly is your tree up yet!!!

I was kindly asked if I would like a new tree from the lovely guys over at Christmas Tree World and having looked at their collection available online of course I said YES!

So I said yes Wednesday afternoon and the tree arrived Thursday afternoon - 24 hour superfast delivery!! Super impressed by their speedy delivery especially at this time of the year.

Christmas Tree World deliver UK wide and they have a huge selection online what ever you are looking for. I picked the remote control Fibre Optic tree so I didn't need lights and picked up all my decorations from primark and the whole lot was reduced so I only paid £8 how good is that!

I also had some decorations I made at the Biscuiteers and you can read about it here, they make the tree look extra festive. I wished I made a few more buy we didn't want to be greedy so 3 was enough and they took a while to ice.

Hopefully my Tula won't take an interest in the decorations, got this vision of me coming home from a day out with the decorations shredded and the tree on the floor!

Christmas Tree World sales start on Monday 22nd December so it's a great time to buy one for next year at a discounted price - click here

Lastly a festive game to share with you all You VS Santa !



  1. that's such a cute christmas tree x

    1. Thanks Emily. It's perfect for the size of our lounge, anything bigger would look out of place!

  2. Your tree looks lovely! The decorations are so cute too. Have a lovely Christmas! x

    1. Thank you! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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