NOVEMBER BEAUTY FAVOURITES: Lancome | Bobbi Brown | NARS | Kate | Majolica

Happy weekend guys! 

It's a little late but I am sharing my November favourites you with all.

When it comes to make up Iam quite minimal but I love skin care more, I seem to have more make up than skin care favourites this months. 

Bobbi Brown - Instant Long Wear Make Up Remover
When it comes to eye make up removal this is the best in that it's so gentle on your skin. Its so easy to use, unlike some of the high street eye removers where you end up rubbing your eyes like mad and stretch the skin area around your eye...this is a NO NO! I would definitely recommend you use something that works very well so you are not tugging / rubbing on the eye. I tend to squirt a bit on a cotton pad and put it against my eye for around 30s to 1 minute and everything just slides off 

Bobbi Brown - Corrector
This is very easy to blend, if I am honest I wasn't a big fan as I find it quite drying but when mixed with a little bit of creamy I found it pretty easy to use. Probably not something I will repurchase but I have enjoyed using it while trying to use it up.

Lancome - Visionnaire
I love Lancome products, every time I try and move away my skin turns dry / thirsty and I end up moving back to it. I am unsure if I notice much difference in terms of anti wrinkle however my skin just loves this stuff so I have been using it on and off over the last few years. I will be buying the Christmas gift sets when they go on sale in January.

Nars - #43 eye contour eyeshadow brush 
I don't have many make up brushes but this one is so easy to use and there are no fallout's. I really dislike brushes with fallout's, it's the most annoying thing ever. I actually have a huge MAC powder brush and the fallout was so bad I stopped using it after 4 weeks then decided to use it to dust the interior of my car. I was actually dusting my car today and I was so tempted to just chuck it out because there are so many fallout's but it costs me over £30 in duty free!!!!

Majolica - Blusher
This is one of my favourite Japanese drug store brands Majolica, you can see their range here.
Japanese make up is huge in the US but people don't seem to know much about it over here. I tend to stock up every time I am in HK, the prices are very affordable.

Kate - Eye Shadow Sets
Again this is another Japanese drug store brand, you can see their online range here. The quality of Japanese make up is generally very good and affordable. A lot of them will have instructions at the back of the pack teaching you how to use the quads and where to blend etc...


  1. Lovely favourites! I like how you've found a way to make the Bobbi Brown Corrector work for you :)

    Style Sunrise ☀ // Giveaway!


    1. The corrector is expensive so I didn't want it to go to waste!!!!

  2. The Bobbi Brown makeup remover sounds interesting. I was wondering if you have tried the Garnier micellar water, that works really well for me when removing eye makeup! That aside, I would like to try the higher end makeup remover offerings because I am one that likes to invest in skincare occasionally, and the Bobbi brown one sounds great for sensitive skin!

    Kathryn from This Outlet

    1. I gave up trying drugstore brands if I am honest, spent too much on stuff that didnt work in the past and wasting it all. My waterproof mascara is so tough to get off!

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