WINCHESTER: Christmas Market 2014


Last Sunday I visited Winchester Christmas market with the girls!

It was my first time going and I have to say I was impressed by what was on offer being a relatively small market by the Cathedral.

A lot of the markets I've been to tend to sell what I call rubbish, gifts that no body wants.

We spent most of the afternoon walking around the market eating candy floss and marshmallow!

Soon as we were done we headed to slug & lettuce for a bit to eat and catch up!

It was quite difficult to take photos with the market being so packed so hopefully what I have taken gives you a good idea of the market.

Do you guys have Christmas markets where you live and what do they tend to sell?



  1. This place is super nice! We don't have Christmas markets here in Pakistan, it's not a big celebration here but churches have their little stalls. And oh hey! I just spotted Becky, haha!

  2. Yes that's Becky! I should have taken more photos but it's was difficult with so many people everywhere so it feel like I am taking my readers with me!

  3. How lovely! The roasting chestnuts looks fantastic - thanks for sharing your experience of these Christmas markets! :)



    1. The chestnuts smelt delicious but they were too trick to eat while walking around! Did you go to any christmas markets?


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