MISSION DELI: Seafood Wraps - Quick & Healthy Weekday Meals


I was recently asked by the lovely guys over at Mission Deli to take part in one of 3 missions below. We ended up making this for weekday dinner and made extra's for lunch the next day so it fell into mission 2 & 3 since it's healthy and we made extras for lunch the next day!

1) Choose one of three missions to solve:
-Mission 1: Use a Mission Deli Super Soft Wrap in a creative way.
-Mission 2: Create the perfect lunch using a Mission Deli Super Soft Wrap.
-Mission 3: Make a super healthy recipe using a Mission Deli Super Soft Wrap.

We warmed up our pack of Mission Deli wraps in the microwave for 1 minute just before we started. You can toast them slightly on a frying pan but for us it's all about the convenience when making dinner during the weekday.

My filling ingredients include:
Chopped up cucumber
Seafood sticks slicced up
Chili Coriander King Prawns
Thinly sliced honey ham
Thinly sliced chicken

For the sauce I brought ready made Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

It was easier to just cut up all the ingredients and lay them out on the table so we can make what we wanted. This is perfect if you wanted to invite lots of people round and you don't really fancy cooking, just prepare lots of ingredients and let people make their own wraps!

I have to say my combo of ingredients with the thai sweet chili sauce made it taste absolutely delicious! Warming up the wraps made them even more softer to wrap with and they are perfect for lunch at work for a bit of variety.

Looking at that last photo, I should have filled out mine more but if I did think I would only be able to manage one since they are really filling!

What do you guys usually put in your wraps?



  1. OOooh this looks great! I'm not sure they are filling enough for dinner though..... maybe I'm wrong!
    If I make wraps, it's usually black pepper beef with peppers chinese style, or piri piri chicken salad on the side. I once did it with chilli con carne and salad and they turned out pretty nice too =D


    1. They are really filling if you wrap enough and have 2!!! Will give the piri piri chicken / salad a go next time! So good for lunch since we have no shops nearby work we always take lunch in or making something at work.

  2. Ah I need to get back into making wraps for work lunches! Finding it so hard to make semi-healthy recipes that'll keep me full through a HK work day. I like honey and sesame seed chicken with a romaine lettuce and avocado salad in my wraps!

    1. It probably works out more expensive for you to make lunch than go out to eat!!! I guess you miss the western style lunches in hk! Honey and sesame seed sounds delicious...ideas for next week!

  3. Drooling at the prawns. Nothing compares. Xxxx

    1. Oh yeah...I am a seafood lover myself! Thanks for reading x

  4. This looks yummy Mandy! I used to make wraps all the time for work and now I'm inspired to do nice healthy ones like this. I usually do grilled chicken (with some Japanese seasoning) and then some baby leaf salad. Maybe a teeny bit of low fat mayo.

    1. How did I know your wraps would have a japanese twist - love it! Not a teeny bit of mayo...a whole load of the japanese one!

  5. Yum!! Prawns look so good, I do love a good wrap for my lunch. Quick and easy to make! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ive already ordered more wraps ready for next next week - think I will make something one of the suggestion mentioned above! Thanks for reading : )


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