BEAUTY: Pamper Time (Shellac Pedicure)

Over the last 2 years I have got into the habit of giving myself a DIY manicure weekly. I absolutely hate overgrown cuticles, chipped nails and I think your nails say a lot about you. Whilst I am good at doing my hands but when it comes to my toes I am awful, it just never looks neat enough compared to getting shallac done. In the past I only ever get shallac mani / pedi for holidays or special occasions because they don't chip and last ages but I find the removal on the hands a right pain after 2 weeks. Usually on the feet I just let it grow out over a period of time and generally pedi lasts a lot longer anyway.

In January Vikki Pink were offering great deals and one of them included shellac mani for £15 and as a one off Vicky agreed to let me have a pedi (usual price £27) for the same price so I booked myself in a week before heading off to Florida.

On arrival tea and biscuits are offered which is always nice especially when it's cold outside and you need to warm up quick. As you can see the place looks super relaxing and the staff are always very friendly which is why I love coming here!

I specifically wanted CND Shellac so I was shown lots and lots of colours to choose from. I am a little safe when it comes to colours so I already knew what I wanted. I love a classic red so I picked "hollywood" which is a favourite of mine and such a classic colour. For summer I tend to go for more coral colours, I've had neutrals before but I just think if you only get it done for occasions you want something a little more striking than nudes.

My nails were filed, buffed and cuticles tidied up before the shellac application begins. I don't get any rough skin around my feet so generally it's a quick job. It took around 45 minutes in total, a very relaxing 45 minutes and I love how super shiny they look! The best thing about shellac is the no chipping and no waiting around for it all to dry.

Vikki Pink offers a wide range of beauty treatments, they always offer different deals each month so it's worth following their twitter if you live locally.

Have you tried shallac or gellish before and which is your favourite colour? Where do you guys usually go and how much do you pay?



  1. I always think about popping in here but never do! xx

    1. You need to it's really nice in there! Look out for the monthly deals they do it's so worth it. They are always really busy so you do need to book in advance. I think they offer more deals on their facebook page.

  2. What a lovely little shop, it looks fab x
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

    1. Oh it is...so nice when you find something you like and they always have great offers each month so it's def worth a treat on occasions! Thanks for stopping by Vicki.

  3. This looks like a lovely place! I usually have Biosculpture on my hands as it lasts around 3 weeks, but on my toes i'll sometimes get Shellac - I leave mine to grow out too (I hate having to go for it removing!).

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. Never heard of biosculpture - need to look it up. My nails are so flimsy but with polish they are stronger and I am less likely to pick on them. I suffer from dry / brittle nails, even almond oil does nothing for me! May give coconut oil and try and see if that is any better. x


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