LIFESTYLE: It Wouldnt Be Valentines Day Without Lindt

So my Kate Spade diary is saying Flirt With A Handsome Stranger for February!!!!!

Valentines and chocolates always go together so it wouldn't be valentines without a box of chocolates in particular Lindt chocolates!!! As always their range never disapoint and I was very excited to see the box of Limited Edition strawberries & cream!

So instead of eating them all one by one I will be using a box of these to bake with when I get back home. I am thinking cheese cake or muffins chopping them up and just throwing them in but making sure they don't melt so there is texture...what do you think guys?

                                                                                                    c/o Lindt for review purposes

The whole Lindt collection is available to purchase online and you can still get it delivered on time for Valentines day if you order it quick!

A question for all you foodies out there - instead of eating the chocolates one by one what else can I do with them? Any baking recipie suggestions?



  1. If you're thinking of baking them in a cake/muffin, freeze the choc first! This ensure it holds its shape and doesn't melt too much, and especially great if you want to pop the whole choc inside your baked goods =D

    1. Good idea on freezing first...didn't think of that. The strawberrys and cream one is absolutely delicious, if you past a lindt store in London buy a few to try. They had loads in Florida and you can buy them by the weight.


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