VALENTINES: Absolute Pearls (how to tell from real or fake...)

Thinking of buying pearls for yourself or your loved ones and you are not sure how to tell from a real to fake then read on....

My first experience with buying pearls was for my wedding 2 years ago. When buying pearls you there is a variety to choose from and it's best to read up on it before buying so you know what to look for depending on your budget and you want to be sure what you are investing in are the genuine article.

A lot of the pearls on the market are genuine however there are counterfeits on the market usually made from glass or plastic beads coated with fish scale mixture known as "pearl essence" or "essence of the orient". Some imitations are so realistic that even the experts struggle to tell the difference.

This beautiful necklace was from the White Pearl Pendant Necklace collection at Absolute Pearls.

*c/o Absolute Pearls

There are 6 simple checks to tell whether a pearl is REAL or FAKE!

Tooth Test
This is probably the most well known of them all the "tooth test". Both cultured and natural pearls have a textured surface due to layers of nacre the pearly substance secreted by the mantle of certain molluscs to form a pear. So to test if you are buying the real thing then either lightly rub them along the biting edge of your upper front teeth. You are looking for a gritty, rough texture so if it feels glassy or smooth the chances are they are probably fake.

Temperature Test
Real pearls are initially cool to touch and it takes a few seconds to warm up against your skin. Plastic / fake pearls are usually room temperature so they won't feel as cool when you touch them.

Begin To Scratch The Surface
Real pearl have imperfections when you examine them up close or under a magnifying glass. Imperfections includes ridges on the surface of each one. A completely perfect pearl is extremely rare not to mention valuable so if you have a whole string of perfectly identical pearls its a they are more than likely fake.

Cultured and natural pearls often have an overtone, rings of colour that appear on the outer surface of a pearl to give it that beautiful lustre. A simple way to examine your pearls is to place them in water which acts as a magnifier. If you don't notice any overtones, or its just one colour then its fairly likely they are not real. Also worth nothing that some real pearls also have no overtones so this method along should not be used to check authenticity. 

Most of us imagine a pearl to be perfectly round shape with a high lustre. Reality is most real pearls are rarely round and a strand of cultured pearls that are perfectly round would command an extremely high price due to its rarity. If they are perfectly round and you haven't paid a fortune for them then the likely hood is they are no the real thing.

Real pearls are generally heavier than the fake ones. To test this just hold the pearl in the palm of your hand and lightly bounce it up and down to gauge how heavy it is. However fake pearls made from glass beads will also feel heavy so you shouldn't use this method alone to test your pearls.

Drill Holes
On real pearls drill holes are usually kept very small in order to cause the least damage possible. Fake pearls will have much larger drill holes and on further inspection under magnification you will also be able to see the coating around the drill holes of fake pearls will to be thin, it actually looks like shiny paint.

Absolute Pearls are 100% REAL and they are available online hereThey have a fantastic range available to purchase in time for valentines day or for any occasion with the super fast next day delivery. Each purchase is wrapped up / presented beautifully and it comes in a beautifully red / gold box. Pearls really are timeless piece of jewellery perfect for any occasion

The 2 photos below were taking on our wedding day!



  1. I love pearls, I'm allergic to fake metal so I can only wear sterling silver (shame really)! but pearl earrings were my first proper purchase :) and I adore them teamed up with a necklace quite similar to yours! :) wonderful post x


    1. I am exactly the same being alergic to fake metal, my ears get all swolen and itchy. Pearls are definitely an investment piece so it's worth paying more for quality.


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