BEAUTY: InstaNatural Serum Review

Serum is an essential for any skin routine and without it my skin will be dying of thirst. I am sure you guys know by now how religious I am with using face masks and how dry / dehydrated my skin gets so hydration is an essential part of my skin routine. I actually received this sample *Insta Natural early February and I wanted to use it for a good length of time before sharing my thoughts with you all.

Firstly the size of this *InstaNatural serum is huge at 60ml and it comes with a simple glass pipet which means its really clean, you can get the product out without touching it and cross contaminating. I know some of you guys are real fussy when it comes to sticking your hands in a pot of cream and contaminating - personally I am not too fussed but I always use clean hands of course.

The serum is very thick and bouncy texture which is perfect for the dry / dehydrated skin because there is plenty of product to sink into the skin. I have found with products like Lancome Genefique its so runny my skin just drinks the product in seconds and I don't feel like I have actually applied another layer of product before I apply cream. The way I apply is squeeze 1 drop for day time and 2 drops for evening and rub it all over the palms of my hands to warm it up and gently using patting movement I pat it on my face slowly so its almost like I am pushing the product into my skin to get maximum absorption.

Having used this for over a month I know my skin likes it because when I apply foundation in the morning it just soaks into the skin because my skin feels extra pumped up. As with all new things you try I think you need to give it a good 3 months before I know if it's going to be a repurchase. Sometimes with new products because its new your skin takes to it well but after 3 months use the effects it originally has slowly fades away but because if the texture / thickness of the serum I think this is a keeper especially the price being so affordable since it's under £15 and the size of this bottle will last ages!

This huge bottle is filled with viatmin E, green tea and vitamin C all of which are the BEST anti aging serum to combat the wrinkles, fine lines and making your face feel more plump! If you are after something a little more affordable I would definitely recommend it.

I would be interested to hear what serum you are currently using?



  1. Wow sounds like a great product Mandy! I think the 60ml amount is so generous! I use so many serums and more often than not, a tiny 30ml bottle can set me back at least £40 - it's terrible!

    1. It's super generous and you know my problems with serums and prices when I asked you what you were using a while back. Since its a great price I can use it on my neck and be more generous with it!

  2. This sounds really affordable and great value! :) I love a good serum but they can be pricey, so it's great to know there are cheaper but good quality alternatives out there!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. Definitely and I've tried a lot of the expensive ones like Lancome / Estee Lauder and YSL but I feel this one is doing as good job!


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