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These days with technology being so advanced convenience is the key to anything we use these days. Companies are always thinking of creating smarter ways of working and you no longer have to physically sit in the office to do work. For me if I have my laptop / mobile I can virtually work anywhere in the world long as I work during UK working hours clients won't even know if I am at work / home or even on the go. As a blogger long as you have the same laptop / internet you can blog from anywhere / any time you like. Tools are available to make this even easier and it all comes down to smarter ways of working.

I recently applied to try *4thOffice because I love nothing more than being organised especially with my blog. I love writing to do lists and having everything neatly organised in folders and copying myself in on email replies and so on....I think I pick this up from work!

You are probably wondering what it is....well in simple terms it's basically a cloud work space that stores everything for you. You can have all your emails / messenger / newsfeed all in one place "My Desk" everything is neatly organised in "my office" providing you spend the time in setting everything up. You can have internal / external document sharing along  with limitless storage which is useful for the bigger projects to keep your client informed of your progress.

For bloggers I think the entry level is a good way to start since it's FREE and I want to share with you how I am using it for blogging purposes. If you require more advance features than you can look into the pricing for what ever is suitable for you.

PR Contacts / Brands / Other Freelance Work
As a blogger I am sure brands / PR will approach you and either it's successful approach or you decline for what ever reason. Don't just delete the email instead create a folder for them in your client folder and keep in touch with the person who approached you because you never know their next client may have something which is of interest to you, it's all about relationship building.

In the last 10 months I have worked with a number of PR firm and more often than not more than 1 contact from each PR firm along with a number of brands. I have no way of organising all these contacts and I just literally dump everything in one folder named "PR" in my Gmail which isn't the best way of doing things. Now everything is neatly stored under "customers" where you can fill in the usual info for each of your contacts.

I use the "project" section for ongoing work I have accepted and deadlines I have agreed. You create a new project for each piece of new work / blog post and you put a deadline date for when the post is due to be completed and posted up. In there you can save all your documents / ideas or even share your progress with your client. See it as a diary also!

Ahead Planning / Scheduling
*4thOffice is also great for getting top of scheduling blog posts and planning ahead. What I've ended up doing is brainstorming ideas for blog posts and and scheduling them in the "projects" section and setting myself realistic deadlines to complete the posts by and ensure I have a steady of posts going up each week - I am aiming for 2 a week. When work is due you will receive an email reminder.

Convenience / Storage BackUp
If ever your laptop / PC dies on you it will no way affect the running of your blog as everything is stored on cloud. All you need is to have access to another PC / laptop login to *4thOffice and all your work is still there! If you blog full time or part time then this is very important as your blog is your source of income if your PC / laptop cannot be fixed then you would have lost a lot of work.

*4thOffice actually offers a lot more than what I have mentioned but for me this is how Iam using my account. Other features include integration with social media platforms such as Linkedin / Facebook / Twitter, messenger chats, inviting colleagues sharing work progress etc..

I would be interested to hear how you guys back up your blog work and where you generally store your work? If your laptop / PC gets corrupted shuts down completely then what would you do? Or if you already use something similar who do you use?



  1. Nice Inspo

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  2. Such a good idea, I love being insanely organised - I've nearly got the whole of April's content sorted, I'm on a role haha Great post xo

    Halcyon Velvet

    1. SNAP! I have first 2 weeks of April's content ready just need to get a move on typing up the posts. March was a busy month for me so it was a good time to trial it out! Thanks for reading Samantha!

  3. Such a helpful post Mandy!! Love the idea of accessing your 'desktop' from anywhere, I will def be looking into signing up for this. Thanks for the great tips on getting noticed by PR/Brands too! x


    1. You should def give this a try with your business and keeping track of all your contacts of people you are trying to contact otherwise you will lose track! Let me know how you get on x


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