EASTER: Where Are All The Bunnies? (GIVE AWAY)

A handful of these delicious *Lindt Bunnies arrived through the post last week. Each of them have a very cute ribbon attached along with a tiny bell. Red is of course original, cream one is white chocolate, brown is dark and green is hazelnut (my favourite)! Don't they look great stacked up next to my huge gold mother bunny! I have already nibbled 2 and they were delicious!

We can't really talk about Easter and not mention eggs - here is a round up of the unusual ones I came across in London the other week....should you shell out? If you fancy picking up a different type of egg then these are my best picks!

These are the Golden Parline Eggs from Fortnum & Mason at £19.50 I just love that they are gold. Bling bling...

Clarence Court is always a favourite brand of mine and this is their Goose Egg offering - forgot to see the price I am afraid but I don't think these cost too much.

I obviously saved the best to last...yes this is the EMU EGG and free range OMG!!! I touched the shell and I can tell you it's absolutely solid not to mention the distinctive colour. Since EMU's are rather large when they lay their eggs it drops on the floor so the shell is hard enough so that it won't crack open. 

You are probably wondering how you open one of these things?! Right, last year I wanted an ostrich egg for my birthday (random I know) but my hubby couldn't get to London to buy one for me : (  when we finally did visited London they were out of season. During that time I had actually looked up how to open one of these things and it's simple DRILL. Use a hand drill to slowly drill open than you can put a skewer in to break the egg then shake out the egg into a bowl. Other option is obviously a hammer but the shell may go everywhere....or you can saw it open, yes I have seen youtube vids of people doing it this way! LOL Or to sound even more dramatic I have also seen someone saw one of these open, yes a saw and sawing off the tip then pouring it all out into a bow. I was planning on borrowing my boss drill and use the drill method...bet you are all laughing!

Also if you use the drill method the shell can be made into a jewellery box or ornament in your home. The Emu egg is equivalent to 16 normal eggs and they are great for family omelette's! Imagine the look on someones face when they get one of these hahaha...

Now back to my precious *Lindt Bunnies I am thinking of either putting all 4 in a big 1 year blog anniversary give away in the next 2 weeks, yes One Slice Of Lemon will be one end of May. OR I can randomly select 4 winners for the 4 different flavours?! Leave me a comment below and let me know which option you guys would prefer and which rabbit you would like! 

Option 1
One huge give away where I will include the 4 bunnies - you must also share this giveaway on Twitter

Option 2
I pick 4 random winners from the comments box below this post and let me know which bunny you would like - brown / green / red / cream / green - you must also share this giveaway on Twitter and follow me.

I will announce on Sunday what I plan to do!



  1. This Emu egg looks so pretty! But considering I don't even like normal eggs it would be quite a pointless purchase for me, so I guess I'll stick to the chocolate at Easter haha! Can't believe your blog is only going to be 1 year old, I thought you've been blogging for much longer!

    I prefer option 2 - makes more people happy and won't make one person feel guilty about eating 4 bunnies haha! I'd love to win the white chocolate one, because I have only ever had the original before, but I'm obsessed with white chocolate! :)

  2. love that emu egg too - a bit diff than the usual. Im for option 2 as well and the green bunny is cute. 😜

  3. I say option 2! I did not realise they had different flavours - getinmybelly!

    Amy | blondeamy.co.uk


  4. Definitely option 2 - let's share the love! Oh and cream bunny sounds the yummiest..I'm 100% a white chocolate gal! Congratulations on your 1st birthday, very glad to have discovered you xx



  5. Definitely option two - I didn't know they done other flavours! White chocolate and hazelnut sound absolutely delicious 😍


  6. option two, so more people can win!
    The Color Palette

  7. The Emu egg has me laughing my head off! So much effort for eggs!!! hahaha. And you wanted an ostrich egg?! hahaha

    Option 2, hazelnut please! =D

    lucylovestoeat.com x

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU! I'm going to be half a year old next month :)
    Congratulations, you've worked hard and your blog is beaut. I always love reading it <3
    I'd love a classic red milk choccie bunny for me (i'm allergic to hazelnut!)
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  9. I think I'd prefer option 1. They look all delicious and I'm too greedy to share *muhahahaha* :)


  10. Your blog makes me hungry. I say option 2. xx



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