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Wow February just flew by and I have only just got round to putting this post together. I spent a week in Florida last month following my hubby over for work and the best thing about Florida for me was the shopping not the parks! During my week there I managed to visit 5 different shopping malls / outlets along with visiting 2 parks. 

Shopping over there was so cheap in particular the Outlets, I had to share with you my beauty haul since I love reading these posts on all your blogs.

I am afraid this is not everything, I had brought quite a few bits for my cousins for helping me look after my dog so some of the goodies have been given away already.

During my visit to the Prime Outlet I came across The Cosmetic Company which I have heard off and visited in Portsmouth but this store had SO much more stock and more brands. The first thing that caught my eye was the Bumble Bumble range they had available. 

I picked up the 1 litre seaweed conditioner for £14 and it even comes with a pump which is always handy for this size and a 250ml seaweed shampoo for £13 (UK £18.50). I have no idea why there is only £1 difference between shampoo / conditioner when the conditioner is huge four times the size! My hubby wanted to try the surf shampoo and that was also £13. I have tried the surf shampoo sample, my hair is so fine / not a lot of it so it didn't really do anything for me (post here). The final item I am also very excited about is the Creme De CoCo Masque for £14 (UK price £24). I will post reviews as I test them out but I need to finish using current products before I open anything up.

I didn't really purchase that much from Sephora but I did pick up a few bits for a few friends so it felt like I had brought more than what I did which is kind of good I guess. GlamGlow cleanser (£25.50) was on my list having been obsessed with the hydra mask (review here), I also picked up another small pot for myself. I didn't pick up full size as it worked out cheaper to buy here when there are sales on. I picked up 2 of these Fresh Sugar lip balms (£15) for 2 friends so I was curious to try it out myself. Anastasia Brow Bar To Go is one of my best buys, the set comes with tweezers that are SO SO good, clear brow gel and a tiny brow wiz for £10.50. I am sure the tweezers alone cost that, I am really pleased with this one. Next is the full size brow wiz for £14 which I love, review coming soon!

You may wonder why on earth would I be wasting luggage space for Yankee candles, well between both of us we had well over 120kg worth of luggage so weight / luggage space was no issue. Bearing that in mind I picked up a few of these medium jars for £5.50 each (UK price £16.99). Yankee is so expensive over here, if hubby goes back again I will definitely ask him to pick up some more!

Lancome Outlet had so many great deals but since I stocked up in the January sales I only came out with 8 bottles of Essie polishes. These usually cost £7.99 in Boots but I only paid £2 each for mine!

As for the super cute mini Vaseline pots they were from a pharmacy in the Florida mall and they only worked out to be around £1 each, arent they cute and the creme brulee one smells amazing.

Last bit from my haul was from Bath & Body Works, you can't really visit America and not buy anything from this place. I had actually brought 15 of these different handwashes but I gave some of them away and these are the only ones left for myself. I tried these in the shops and they smelt so good I had to buy one of each and they were on sale around £2 a bottle which was ok I thought as token gifts.

So there you have it my bath / beauty haul from Florida! Which is your favourite item from the haul? I brought a few items of clothing / shoes, let me know if you are interested in seeing what I picked up.

PS: If you missed my previous blog post on requesting for all your blog links / social media you can read it here. I would love to interact with more of you and especially to those who take their time to comment on my posts!

Hope you are all having a good week so far.



  1. Wow such a good haul =]


  2. wow, too many stuff! i love the little vaseline thingys

    1. I know they are so cute that's why I brought so many!

  3. Ooh, I love haul posts! Your Yankee Candle choices are particularly nice, and have reminded to get out a new candle I bought earlier in the week :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. I don't usually buy yankee because its expensive but when they were that price I couldnt resist! x

  4. I love the mudmask and the essie polish you got me of course! THANKS! =D
    Look forward to reading all your reviews when you break into the newbies


    1. Let me know how you get on with the mask! Yup reviews shortly but so far I am loving the candles and the bumble bumble shampoo is so good!


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