HOME UPDATE: Work Station Prints

The last 2 months have been absolutely crazy on the "home improvement" front and it's rather addictive to say the least. When we first moved into our home 3.5 years ago it was a much nicer apartment than my previous one which I had for almost 8 years. I blame Instagram giving me the urge to change so many things. I follow a lot of home decor / Inspo accounts and it's given me lots of ideas on what I can do with mine. I am a real hermit during the weekends and I only ever plan to do things either on Sat or Sun not both and the other day is usually spent at home chilling. I think if you create a comfy home you will naturally enjoy staying in and enjoying it....
So slowly I began writing down what needs doing urgently and which is less urgent as all this adds up money wise. It's one of those bit by bit projects to spread out the cost. I have decided to work on my lounge / living area and our spare room which I use as a study for days when I work from home or when I need to focus and do blog work first.
The Ever Growing List:
1. New carpets ordered from John Lewis -same colour as existing ones which is super creamy/ white. 
2. Frames purchased from IKEA for all my prints / commissioned pieces
3. Black & White prints need to be ordered from Etsy (Pineapple print / Commissioned piece) arrived (Glimmer Of Gold) already see above! So pleased with these 2 and I am still trying to decided if I should put it up in the hallway or above my desk and create a gallery wall.
4. Light shades need to be ordered from Dunelm - I managed to find 2 copper ones I really like for a real cheap price!
5. Sofa booked for steam clean before the new carpets are installed.
6. New white TV unit - chosen from IKEA already and its from the Besta range.
7. TV needs to be hanged up on the wall to save space.
8. New cushions / blankets - since my existing cushions ones are from H&M I just need to order new covers. Blanket not sure yet but I will probably leave this last.

So a real mixture of big and small tasks but the list is growing by the day!

If you have any home decor posts please share!!!!!

Also if you have missed my previous post on "No Budget Bathroom" you can catch up here.



  1. Me ans my fiance are doing someimprovments to the house too, it's hard!
    The Color Palette

  2. We hung up our TV and love it, def saves space and makes it feel a bit like a home cinema. Especially since G install surround sound system too =D
    I've got a kitchen post coming up, look out! x


    1. Hanging up the TV is a must for more space, my apartment is tiny so it would be a mini cinema!!!

  3. I am in love with your Pineapple print and how lovely and bright your photos are xx

  4. Love the pineapple print. I wish I had a place to decorate, for now I just keep dreaming haha xx

  5. Sounds like your new work station will be dreamy! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

    1. I hope so but it's still very much a working progress which could take a while I think : )


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