JINJUU: Korean Fusion Tapas

A few weeks ago I travelled up to the city to meet with Lucy and Winnie for another foodie day and we decided to head to the newly opened up Jinjuu in Soho. We actually completely forgot about booking but luckily they were able to squeeze us in for a late lunch.

Jinjuu meaning Pearl is a modern twist for Korean food opened by the celebrity chef Judy Joo. The location of this place is in the heart of the food district in Soho and the menu focuses on small tapas like dishes perfect for sharing with a group of friends. 

As always with any tapas like menu you always want to pick everything! We managed to settle on 8 dishes to share which includes picking a few of the chefs classics so can't go wrong there!

First up is the super cute Sae-Woo pops that look like cake pops! They are crispy fried prawn pops served with gochujang mayo (slightly spicy) on the side. One was certainly not enough and the mayo sauce was so good.

Next up is the dish I picked, I always love a good tartar dish in fact it's one of my favourites. The tuna is seasoned with ginger marinade and soy along with jalapeno, shallot salsa, lotus root crisps and a few blobs of sour cream I really enjoyed this dish, it was beautifully prepared and everything complimented the tuna very well.

Then we had the Mandoo meat dumplings, I just love the presentation of this dish with the huge asian spoon. They are steamed dumplings filled with pork and beef and it comes with a soy dipping sauce. As the dishes came I was more and more looking forward to seeing how each dish is presented.

The girls will probably laugh when reading this bit because I enjoy spicy food but I can't really take it...so you can see where this one is going! This is the thinly sliced pork belly taco filled with kimchi, asian slaw and apple. The fresh apple really complimented pork very well, it's a fatty dish and spicy with the kimchi but that made it even more tasty.

We also selected the other Taco option with bulgogi beef, asian slaw, kimchi and bits of tomato / avocado / red onions. I enjoyed this but the fatty belly pork was definitely a lot better...my love for fatty food! 

Next is the Jin Chick which is korean fried chicken served with picked white raddish on the side and choice of 2 sauces. I am afraid I cannot remember what these 2 sauces were but this dish was rather average...didn't think it was anything special.

We were not sure what the portion sizes were like so we ordered a kimchi fried rice which is a mix of traditional cabbage kimchi mixed with pancetta and mixed veg served with a classic fried egg on top with some seaweed and a fried piece of lotus. Again nothing special about this dish but I think my hubby would appreciate something like this more since it's rice!

Last dish was the french fries topped with sour cream, jalapeno, red onions, gochujang mayo and a few other bits of seasoning. This is a great side to have if you are eating with a group of friends and you can't really go wrong with fries!

It was a great meal with the girls and I would definitely go back to Jinjuu with hubby to try out more dishes from the menu along with a cocktail or two....the price isn't bad for London including service charge it was around £27 each. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking to try Korean food out for the first time and the staff are very knowledgeable on the dishes because they have tried everything!



  1. Ah that was a fun day! I could eat one of those spicy tacos right now. They definitely had a bit of a kick :P It's surprising that the kimchi fried rice was so average - I often think rice dishes are hard to mess up but maybe it's because we're Chinese and we know how we like our rice! Your phone photos turned out so well!

    1. Yup the spicy fatty pork belly taco done it for me along with the tuna tartar! My phone camera is amazing right, I never bother carrying a normal camera around because this one is so much better and convenient!

  2. Everything looks so amazing!! And it's all set out so good too xx

    Through New Eyes x

    1. It's making me hungry looking at the pics again! x

  3. Oh yes this was a fun day like Winnie said! When you went bright red from the chilli....! hahaha
    I need to try those pork tacos next time :)


    1. But they were the tastiest dish, fatty pork always gets the thumbs up from me but so bad for you! Need to take J there next time I am down x

  4. Oooh I like the look of this, quite different to the Asian food that I usually have.
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    1. They have a huge cocktail list you would enjoy Angie


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