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Hen Party Planning: What You Need to Know
Being asked to be the Maid of Honour is a huge privilege for any woman and also one of the biggest tasks you can take on.
Not only have you been given the responsibility of holding your best friends hand throughout her big day, but you’ve also got the biggest duty of creating the most memorable send off.
Despite your own opinions and like or dislikes, the day is about the bride-to-be and organising it to make her feel like she has the incredible support of her friends and family as she takes this step in her life.
Putting what you want to one side, you’ve got to make it all about what she wants.
Of course no-one ever said it would be easy, and as much as you think you know someone they can often throw a curve ball that you weren’t expecting.
So before you begin any kind of hen party, sit down with your bestie and discuss what she wants from the day, and who she wants to be there.
It’s an overwhelming assignment but when done well, she’ll thank you forever. 

Guest List
From distant relatives to old friends, you need to get the gossip from your bride-to-be as to who you should be including on the invitations.
You can leave the rest of the details as a secret if that’s the way she wants it, but the guest list should definitely be vetted by the bride.
Nobody wants any awkwardness due to family fall outs, or the fact that despite living a million miles away a great aunt should have been invited.
Besides trying to co-ordinate a large group of people to be in one place at one time is stressful to say the least, so you’ll want all the help you can get.

Whether you need to pull in the purse strings or you want to blow your budget and go all out.
Discuss with the guests a budget that they’re willing to part with. After all you really can’t plan or book anything until you know what you’ve got to work with.
Unfortunately it’s simply a fact that not many of the guests may be able to afford to go crazy, so perhaps look at splitting the day and evening events up so that there are options affordable for everyone to take part in.

Party Prep
Anyone can plan a party but a Hen party is a whole other giant.
Don’t forget that you’re not just making this a night or day out, you’re making memories.
So as well as organising the activities think about the little things that are going to mean the most to your bride-to-be.
Rather than just offering cupcakes and macaroons, what sweet or savoury snacks can you have on the day that will make her reminisce? Is there a location that means a lot to her that you could try to go to?
If you’re really stuck for inspiration there’s some cool and quirky hen party themes on Pinterest that can make it feel unique. 

Now more than ever there are so many different things you can do for a Hen party that can suite all types of bride-to-be’s. Whether they want to go out and party or stay in for some pampering, you really can’t be stuck for ideas.
However, as the trick is to make it memorable try to get as many ideas on the table as possible by consulting with the fellow bridesmaids.
You could make it magical by hiring a magician for the day, or hire her own butler in the buff so she doesn’t have to move an inch all day.
Make her day completely bespoke to everything that she loves and she’ll be wanting to marry you instead!

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  1. I NEED someone in my life to get married. Stat.
    Although I know I'm reaching that age and once the weddings start, they won't stop!
    So maybe I should start saving my pennies for dresses now!
    Great post as always Mandy!
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

    1. I think I am going through that phase now with my friends! Glad you enjoyed the guest post Betty!


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