MAY BANK HOLIDAY: 10th Hole | Chicago Town Pizza Night

Monday 4th May bank holiday (public holiday) seems like ages ago now....for that weekend I had Sat, Sun and Monday off work. Everyone always look forward to these bank holidays and for me a good bank holiday usually consists of catching up with friends and good food and this one was no different.

The girls have been raving on about this place called 10th Hole a little tea room situated on a mini golf course in Southsea Portsmouth so I was really excited to go Sunday afternoon. WOW this place did not disappoint and it was busy but luckily the wait wasn't long and we got seated pretty quickly outside in the sunshine.

All the cakes here are made in house and you can even order them for birthdays. They had everything from victoria sponge, oreo brownie, banoffee, cheesecake to strawberry clotted cream sponge...the choice was just endless, I think there were definitely over 10 options to pick from. Since it was my first meal of the day I went for a pot of breakfast tea and carved ham with coleslaw on a freshly baked bloomer bread and I brought 4 different slices of cake for the evening as we had friends over. They have a small menu choice of hot / cold / brunch options but what is available certainly looks tasty. 

So after picking up take our 4 slices for deserts I headed to our local Sainsbury's to pick up 6 boxes of *Chicago Town pizza for the evening. I had a couple of friends over for a catch up and pizza always goes down well with the boys. I picked up a selection pulled pork (limited edition), pepperoni plus and four cheese melt from their stuffed crust range and sloppy joe from their classic range. I also picked up a load of garlic bread to share out!

The pizza's went down well with everyone and we only ended up baking 4 pizza's between 6 of us along with garlic bread and the pudding cake slices from 10th Hole! As much as it is nice to get delivery if you are feeling rather skint this is the way to go to feed everyone!

If you guys missed my previous post on "Simple Supper Lemon Garlic Chicken" you can read it here! My simple suppers seem to be very popular with you guys so I will be doing a few more to share with you over the next few months!



  1. This pizzas look really good, I can imagine less than half the price of take outs. I really need to go to 10th hole xx

    1. The pulled pork one was so good! Def a lot cheaper if you are having a group of friends over! Need to fix a 10th hole date, I was so tempted to go down today with the dog!


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