June is the month to create awareness #EndEmbarrassment 2015 with Vagisil. Are you one of those people who are quite happily book an appointment to see the doctor for tummy pains / not feeling great yet when it's to do with your private parts you try and ignore it for as long as possible in the hope that it will go away?

Vagisil carried out a survey showed that over 47% of people are still too embarrassed to talk with family & friends about intimate health issue. Two in five 39% woman also admitted to feeling embarrassed when other people mentioned the word "vagina" to them and more than half 53% said they would replace the word with "vagina" with another word and lastly 42% said they would rather speak about anything else than discuss intimate health issues!

And there are more shocking stats when it comes to the media and today’s society: 
More than a third (34%) of women said that the main reason they felt there is so much embarrassment around the subject of intimate health is because as a society we are too prudish. 

One in ten (10%) actually blame the media for making it a ‘taboo’ subject and sadly, more than two thirds (70%) said that the way the media portrays women’s bodies makes them feel less confident about their own body. 
However, on the flip side, nearly eight in ten British women (79%) do feel that society is becoming better at de-stigmatising and talking about women’s health issues 
And nearly a third (29%) of those surveyed said they feel that TV programs like Embarrassing Bodies have made them feel more confident about discussing their own private health issues.  

Vagisil daily care and treatment products are specially designed to help cleanse, protect and maintain the health of your intimate area. 


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