FESTIVAL SEASON: Tips & Tricks On Staying Healthy During Festival Season

How to Stay Healthy During Festival Season
It may sound completely impossible to stay healthy at a festival when you’re supposed to be letting your hair down, but just following a few healthy tricks can actually help you make the most of the celebrations rather than wanting to curl up in your tent and wait for it to be over.
For anyone who’s been to a festival I think we can all agree to feeling like rubbish after a few days, not just from the complete lack of washing or the layer of mud that is now clinging to every item you own, but from binging on fast food and enjoying a few too many tipples.
However keeping as healthy as possible will prevent hangovers and give you a boost of energy to ensure you’ll be the last one on the dance floor.

Keep Hydrated
If you’re lucky enough for the weather to be on your side, spending hours on end in the sunshine can leave you prone to dehydration, sunstroke and sunburn.
Avoid a trip to the medical tent and just drink plenty of water.
Just carrying a bottle around with you at all times and taking a sip now again is better than not touching the stuff at all.
Even better is the fact that water can help to prevent those dreaded hangovers, so keep the H2o flowing and you’ll feel far more in the mood for celebrating than your caffeine frenzied friends.  

Eat Smart
Although the scent of a bacon sandwich wafting through the campsite is very tempting, trying to avoid heavy fatty foods and instead opt for a high protein breakfast that will keep you fuller for longer, and give you a natural energy boost.
Get as much as the good stuff in the morning and it will set you up the day. There are usually lots of healthy food stalls hidden amongst the fast food joints, these will be the ones with the smaller queue as well. So seek out the smoothie bar, and indulge your morning hunger in a bowl of porridge or a whole wheat egg bagel.   

Drink Clever Calories
It’s so easy to pile up on the extra pounds despite all the dancing, and more of these calories can come from the drinks you’re swigging than the food you’re munching.
Get clever with the amount of calories in your favourite drink and try to find a low calorie alternative, there’s lots of cocktails that you can enjoy without the guilt of your waist line. 

Avoid the Habit
There are lots of bad health habits that can follow us to festivals, but taking control of this during such a tempting time can help you to conquer your bad habit at last and still enjoy the socialising.
Smoking is becoming more of a social taboo at festivals, as organisers try in vain to keep the event clean, tidy and hazard free.  Of course not smoking is easier said than done, but with the introduction of E-cigarettes and the vast amount of e-cig flavours that are now available, there’s no excuse to at least give the healthier alternative a go.
It can certainly help in avoiding smelling like smoke for the entirety of the festival.

Festivals are the best places to meet new people, enjoy life and get some great experience, so don’t let any bad choice effect the celebrations.  


  1. I used to crave fruit and vegetables after a festival, but now the variety is so good, I can have a fresh orange juice and eggs for brekkie, no problem. Definitely with you on the knocking back lots of water - it makes such a difference.

    1. Craving maybe because you usually indulge in too much fatty fast food! Yes definitely drinking lots of water esp with all the alcohol!

  2. Great tips, stay hydrated is key!!
    The Color Palette

    1. Yes definitely if you are drinking lots! Thanks for reading : )

  3. Cool tips! Not that I'm ever going to a festival haha



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