CASMARA: Hydra Algae Peel Off Mask

Casmara newly launched in the UK (available at Boots) are these pioneering range of luxury unisex face masks for the high street with each kit containing a peel of mask, conditioning cream and a spatula for applying the mask. 

Casmara Purifying Algae Peel Off Mask Kit
  • Refreshing, detoxifying and purifying
  • Double oxygenating action thanks to Cerasome Oxygen a high tech ingredient that helps to conduct oxygen into the skin and Riboxyl that favours the skin respiration
  • Eliminates toxins providing intense skin moisturisation

I am no stranger when it comes to these types of peel off masks because they have been around Asia for a while and I have been using them on and off in the last 1.5 years. When I was recently contacted by Casmara to try out their version I said yes of course. I love that its a set with the pot / spatula and all the products measured out for you. The versions I use is just a packet of powder for you to add your own mineral water (you need to measure and figure out the consistency) and you need to buy your own pot / spatula.
These masks are different to the paper masks / wipe off masks in that there is a step by step process you have to follow in order to make the mixture ready for application. It's certainly one of those masks for when you actually have time to pamper yourself as it can get fiddly for those who have never used this type of mask before and you may need help with application.

Firstly before you start make sure you have a cleansed face.

Step 1 - apply two thirds of the small conditioner cream tube and slowly using circular movements rub the cream into the face so that most of it absorbs. This helps to prep the skin and readily absorb the active ingredients. I also applied a thick layer of lip balm over my lips.

Step 2 - Mix the powder and gel packs in the lid provided into a creamy consistency and make sure you do this quick as the mix sets pretty quickly. When its ready start from your forehead applying a thick layer of the product and work your way down to the rest of your face. This can be fiddly if you are not use to this type of mask so it might be easier if you asked someone to help you apply while you are laid down. I prefer to not cover my eyes and cover the rest of my face including my lips which is why I applied a thick layer of lip balm.

Step 3 - Once the product is applied on you can just relax and wait for it to dry. You know when the product is dried because you can move your lips and you can feel the mask lift away. It takes around 20 minutes to fully dry up and once dried using the spatula you can lift the mask. So using the spatula lift up the edge of the mask and take it all the way round the the edge of your whole face and the whole mask should fall off as one piece.  The remaining cream conditioner can be applied to the face until fully absorbed.

You may wonder what the difference is with these masks compared to your normal rinse off masks / paper masks...to my knowledge the benefit of applying the thick layer of conditioning cream then the mask over the top is that it pushes the product into your face to make it work extra hard and for your skin to really absorb into the skin making is super soothe and hydrating.
Each kit costs £9.99 sold in Boots.



  1. Wow, I want to try this mask out! Did you find it super hydrating? I'm going through a dry skin patch at the mo.


    1. I have something similar for you to try but its more difficult with you mixing the water in yourself and getting it the right consistency.


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