ASOS MATERNITY EDIT: My Essential Maternity Picks

Time seems to be flying by the last few months and I am almost 5 months (18 wks) gone almost half way through! When I was 12 weeks I had to start looking for maternity clothes mainly jeggings / leggings as my skinnys from Zara were way too tight and I couldn't button up. So for at least 2 weeks I had to continue wearing them (covering my front with long tops / shirts) while I looked for maternity clothes. I must say as a petite 5ft 3 it's been so difficult in finding anything that fits in terms of skinny jeans. When it came to online shopping ASOS had the biggest selection of everything for maternity so I spent a good 3 weeks ordering and refunding (free returns) and managed to pick up a few essentials that will last me right through to the end and after. I found a lot of the high street stores don't stock the maternity section so online was the only option.
Like most of you who have also written similar blog posts I have been only buying essentials and comfort / softness of the material is a big factor and only ordering when they have discount codes available from Fashion Beans as it can get costly. For UK minimum order for free delivery is £20 which is easily done and for International its £15 spend for free delivery right now.

Here is my list:

Leggings / Jeggings are essential as I get bigger I will probably end up wearing these daily as boring as it seems looking good will probably be the least of my worries. ASOS offer these super soft touch ones that are SO comfy and they come in a pack of 2 value pack.

Jeans - for me personally I don't find these comfortable enough but you always got to have at least 1 pair. I find the material thick and not stretchy enough but again this is down to personal preference.

Blouse / Shirts are super comfy as the bump gets bigger as its loose fitting so suitable for all shapes / sizes. For me personally I like to wear vest tops underneath so there is something covering the bump completely but this is personal preference, again ASOS double pack of super soft touch gets the thumbs up from me. The material is stretchy and the material does not bubble up after a few washes and I am going to buy another pack since you cannot have too many of these tops!

Cardigan is a must as it gets colder in the evening you need something that can cover you up completely and its fitted to your bump otherwise it can look over sized and ill fitting.

For a bit of variety you cant beat a Breton Striped top and lastly always handy to have 1-2 dresses for those occasions since you never know when you will need it. You can just team it up with a simple pair of black strappy heels.

All the items listed above are available online just click on the item and it will take you to the site!

If you have any tips / blog posts pregnancy related please do share with me!


  1. Ooooh, love your picks, so neutral and sophisticated!


    1. Thanks Lucy - you know I like to keep things simple!

  2. Hello Mandy,

    I cannot believe how incredibly busy I was and I haven't read your blog lately. I totally missed that you are pregnant. Congratulations! The outfits looks lovely and I cannot wait to read more of your pregnancy journey.

    Lots of love,


    1. Thanks Nadine - will be sharing a post soon on the recent journey! Hope you are well x

  3. I really like the dresses you've picked out! :) They should do a petite maternity range for us small people haha x

    1. Finding maternity clothes for petite is a right pain!!! Nothing really fits unless it's leggings and simple vest tops and more often than not the leg bit in the trousers are huge when I only need something to cater for the bump bit.


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