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Having been back blogging for just over a year some of you may recall my post from a few months back on my thoughts on blogging in general and how it has changed over the years, the difference between then and now mainly the social media side of things. Prior to this blog I had another blog, you can read the post here.

Us bloggers seem to be quite happy to share our lives across a number of social media platforms, have you actually sat down to think that EVERYONE with internet can have access to these platforms and know so much about you which could potentially put your life in danger? Not only that but have you also thought about things like fake twitter / instagram profiles or even someone pulling your own profile / blog photos for their own use on social media to obtain free goods fraudulently? With more and more of us getting hooked on electrical devices smart phones / tablets etc this is a worrying trend which is only set to increase as people share more and more online. The younger generation growing up wouldn't know any different so they may see it as normal to share everything online - scary right! With that in mind you might be thinking of a Digital Detox where you step back and look at what you are currently doing and how you can be more safe to protect yourself.

My Voucher Codes conducted an interesting survey which I thought would be good to share with you all to create awareness. They spoke various social media users / bloggers to find out the effects of identity fraud and those specifically who have actually had experience of this first hand and the precautions they now take to try and protect themselves more. They surveyed Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users and asked " Have your own images of photographs being used by other people without your permission?" They found as much as 23% of social media users have had images used by someone else without permission and I am certain this % is rising as we speak.

So you might be interested in reading some actual examples My Voucher Codes have provided Below.

Fake Facebook Profiles
"One woman who found a fake Facebook profile using her pictures was April Yau. One of her friends alerted her to the fake account of “Jennifer Chen” which featured images which were not public photos. Her pictures were only visible to her friends, but somehow the fake user had accessed them, even posting one of her while she was in hospital. When she reported the theft Facebook refused to take the profile down because they said: “This person is not violating the terms of service or the privacy conditions.”

It wasn’t until local media picked up the story that Facebook changed their mind and removed the profile, which featured many of April’s photos.
You might be mistaken in thinking it was an oversight on the security settings, however April, who is an account manager with Vancouver’s 6S Marketing, understood the settings, only allowing her Facebook friends access to the images and in some cases only close family or friends.
Since then, April has received correspondence from someone else who claims they have been scammed for money by someone using this profile, however April is hesitant to respond, due to not knowing if this is also a scam or someone else looking for attention."

Bloggers who have identity stolen
"Identity theft and fraud amongst bloggers is becoming a big issue, many people rely on their blogs as their main source of income and even those who are hobbyists put time and money into running their blogs. However there are some people who take advantage of these bloggers hard work by requesting products and services from brands by pretending to be the bloggers in question."

Have you had any first hand experience and what did you have to do to solve it, do you have any tips to share with my readers. Let me know in the comments box.



  1. I just noticed we have the same layout! Love Pipdig layouts, they always do such a good job.

    I know what you mean about identity theft. Sometimes I watch things like Catfish on MTV and they talk about stolen profiles and as bloggers, we're so vulnerable, it's quite scary. Luckily nothing like that has happened to me...but it's definitely a fear isn't it?

    1. ah yes same template but I am tweaking mine ever so slightly but yeah they are great!

      It is scary how much we share and sharing without even thinking, definitely have to be more careful these days to stay safe.

  2. Great post! What can we do to stop this? X

    1. Thanks Ella. I will do a follow up posts on the little things we can all do to stay safe. x

  3. Wow, I hope this never happens to me. Its true that it's easy to over share, esp on social media.


    1. I think its so easy to share you forget you are actually sharing to the whole world!


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