PHOTOGRAPHY: Simple Steps To Take The Perfect Holiday / Blog Photos On Your Smartphone

Sales of compact cameras have dropped over the last 18 months as more of us are buying smartphones equipped with a good camera these days and I have to agree. It's just so much easier to just get out your phone to snap away, when choosing a new smartphone the camera is one of the most important things for me when it comes to shortlisting over which phone to go for. Wherever we are snapping away we love to also share photos with family / friends instantly, it's so much easier having the photos of your phone with a few clicks the photo is sent anywhere in the world.

How to take perfect holiday photos on your smartphone
Apparently two thirds of Brits who go abroad on holiday are expected to take some of their holiday snaps using a smartphone this summer. I think it's great taking photos with the smartphone but it's a little sad that not many of us actually print the photos or do anything with them and often you forget what if you lose your phone and you have no back up then you have lost all your precious memories. Holiday photography is all about capturing those special moments and getting creative when you're snapping away in different surroundings and getting some of those photos printed via services like *WhiteWall and displaying them around your home.

With a few simple steps you can take pretty good photos with your smartphones!
1. Take a lot of photos
Our wedding photographer told us to always snap at least 3-4 of each shot as you can always choose the best shots later. Since learning that it's always been a habit to take a few and pick them out later so you have more options.
2. Get close
I would suggest avoid the zoom all together if possible as the quality goes down and the photo can look blurred. Sometimes it can look ok when you look on the phone but when you load it up on your laptop you can see the quality is not quite the same as getting up close so don't be lazy.
3. Clean Your Lens
This is something I forget to do all the time! You forget your smartphone is not like your camera and it's either in your pocket or handbag whereas your camera lense is usually protected in a case. Always clean your lense before you start snapping away.
4. Look at the light
Again this is another tip our wedding photographer taught me, never shoot against the light as it's too harsh bright and you can't see anything. When we had our Wedding we had to wait for certain times to shoot as certain parts of the day the lighting is too bright / harsh. As a general simple rule to remember the light should be behind you and don't be afraid to play around with different camera positions / angles to see what effects you can create. 
5. Be creative
Experiment with different perspectives, reflections and light – don’t worry too much about ‘rules,’ sometimes the most striking photos are also the most unexpected.
6. Stabilise
Hold your phone with two hands and as close to your body as possible – often blurry smartphone photos are due to movement, rather than lack of focus. Smartphones are so advance these days in that they work almost the same as cameras when the auto setting is on let the green grid focus before you press the button.
7. Don’t be too flash-y
Smartphone flashes can be pretty harsh, leading to an unnatural, overexposed look and this is particularly true when photographing from a distance. Sometimes it’s worth turning the flash off. Smartphone photo taken in the dark tend to be much lower quality, so it’s better to shoot when there’s plenty of light. For me generally I prefer to switch the flash off completely unless I am in total darkness otherwise the flash gives a horrible effect.
8. Edit
If your photo isn’t perfect, don’t just delete it – most phones will let you crop photos or adjust contrast and lighting, or investigate one of the many free apps available. I will do a post soon on my newly discovered apps for editing photos, there are so many to choose from and it's really simple when you get the hang of it.
9. Print it!
Don’t leave the perfect photo lingering on your phone, get it printed and hang it on your wall. The resolution and quality is usually high enough to have a large print made, anything up to 120x90cm is generally fine. It's a little sad people don't print photos no more...what happened to flicking through photo albums over a cuppa / cake and what if you lose your photos all of a sudden.....
10. Frame it!
Display and draw attention to your photo by framing it. You can use different materials that match or complement your interiors but also natural layers, such as window frames. These dramatically increase the depth of your image.
WhiteWall is a brand owned by Berlin-based Avenso GmbH, which has operated the photo lab as well as the WhiteWall.co.uk online service since 2007. Photography hobbyists and professionals around the world rely on WhiteWall’s exceptional quality. With its LUMAS brand, Avenso GmbH has been democratising the art market for ten years through its hand-signed art editions by renowned artists from around the world. All of Avenso GmbH’s photographic works and products are exclusively produced in, and shipped from, the WhiteWall photo lab in Frechen, Germany, just outside of Cologne.
Hopefully this mini guide is useful, have I missed anything out? Do you have any tips to share with me?



  1. There's nothing I love more than holiday photos and this post is full of some really great tips - thank you for sharing them!
    Megan x meguana.co.uk

    1. Thanks Megan - hope it helps and don't forget to pick out the best ones for printing!

  2. I always just take my holiday photos on my phone because I can't be bothered to take another camera! One more thing to worry about. Great tips and definitely will remember these for the wedding next year ^^

    1. Yeah carrying another camera is a right pain for us esp when we have the instax to carry around also. Hope these tips will help next year! x

  3. Amazing tips Mandy! And agree about taking photos on my phone, so much handier than on a compact camera. The photo printing service sounds great, will have to take a look at it!


    1. Thanks Lucy. It's always good to carry both around with you so you have the option and yes to the printing. People rarely print out photos these days everything is too digital!


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