CAPHE PHO: Crispy Crepe | Soft Shell Crab | Shitake Mushroom / Tofu Pho | Rare Beef Pho

Continuing with my foodie days in London we also visited *Caphe Pho in Smithfields for dinner. If I am honest I have only just discovered Vietnamese food in the last 6 months after a local one opening up near me with limited menu but I really enjoy the food. Caphe Pho has more of an extensive menu so I was excited to try out some new dishes and see what's on offer.
We arrived late for our table but that was no a problem, we were seated really quickly which was good. We didn't really need any introduction to the menu we were happy to just browse and pick ourselves. While we were picking what to eat we were given some chilli and plain prawn crackers along with a spicy dip. Our drinks were ordered quickly and we both decided to go for the healthy option of freshly made juices - cranberry & orange with ginger and jasmine tea with lemonade. These were so good that we both ordered a 2nd one.
For starters we went for the Salt & Chilli softshell crabs. These are always a favourite of mine when we go out for chinese food. They were cooked just right and a squeeze of lime on top worked really well. I enjoy hot food but my body can't seem to take it so I only tried a little bit of the dipping sauce which was spicy and would have complimented the crab really well but it was just too fiery for my taste buds! The 2nd starter we tried was the Crispy Crepe which is a savoury crepe with cucumber, mint, lettuce for wrapping and nuoc mam cham dipping sauce. The batter of the crepe was so delicious however I don't really like mint on it's on so instead of wrapping it we just ate it all together with a bit of the sauce but without the fresh mint.
For mains we had to go for the classic Pho noodle soup. The soup is prepared over night in natural seeds, roots and spices. The beef of vegetable stock is then poured over flat rice noodles. We were then given a side plate of other options to add on top of our bowls of noodles - bean sprouts, ginger, spring onion, lemon, chilli and coriander. Hubby went for the rare beef pho in regular size and I went for the veggie option tofu / shitake mushrooms. The broth was very flavoursome and more on the sweet side, we both generally prefer the savoury / salty broths but this is more personal preference.
We both enjoyed the meal and it was nice to try a different restaurant compared to our local. Caphe Pho is great if you don't fancy anything expensive and you want to have a catch up with a friend. The restaurant itself was big with relaxing lighting which is perfect for having a chill out evening without feeling rushed etc... They offer take out which seems to be popular with locals who are living nearby. 

Just to finish off this post did you know Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world! This is because dishes are made daily with fresh ingredients and their Caphe Pho's "Pho" is made with their very own unique stock recipe with each bowl containing vitamins, protein and carbs!



  1. Hmmm, yummy. Vietnamese food is definitely amongst one of my favourite cuisines. The crispy pancake 'banh xeo' is a recent discovery for me, and you have to try Banh Cuon next time, they are like the Chinese steamed cheung fun.


    1. We always go for the crispy pancake at our local but at Caphe Pho we wanted to try a few different dishes.


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