COMFORT FOOD: Chinese Steamed Silky Smooth Egg

Steamed egg is a classic Chinese / asian comfort food, its quick and easy to make and when made correctly it's super tasty. Often Chinese families will cook a few dishes for dinner which you will have with rice and on some days if you find yourself short of a dish steamed egg is always the one to make because you always have eggs in the fridge.

It's very easy to make and virtually no effort here are the ingredients.

1. 3 eggs (make sure they are British Lion Eggs)
2. Water (same volume as your eggs)
3. Vegetable or chicken stock which ever you prefer but I usually add Japanese Dashi 
4. Salt to season
5. Chopped spring onion to decorate on top

Add water in your steamer, while you wait for that to heat up crack the eggs into a measuring cup, add salt and whisk it all together and pour into another bowl - remember the measurement. 

Then add warm water into the measuring jug same amount as the egg then add in the dashi and mix it all together. Then add the egg mixture / dashi stock together and mix well, since there is a lot of mixing you will find there are lots of bubbles forming and we don't want these bubbles. 

Using a sift pour the mixture through to get rid of all the bubbles and you are just left with a smooth mixture. Pour that into any bowl you want and it's ready to go into the steamer. I usually steam for 4 minutes high heat and switch the gas off and let the remaining heat cook the rest of the egg for around 15 minutes. 

While it's doing that you can chop up your spring onions so it's ready to sprinkle on top. Some people also like to add a tiny bit of soya sauce on top or chopped shitake mushrooms but I find the dashi does a good seasoning that I don't need to add anything else.

There are various versions of this steamed egg in that you can add various things in it egg: chinese preserved salty egg /dried scallops / dried shrimps / tomatoes / ham. It's actually very difficult to master the perfect silky smooth steamed egg but the more you make this dish the better you will get.

That's my simple steamed egg recipe to share with you all!

There are so many ways to cook eggs and believe it or not a lot of people struggle to boil the perfect egg with a runny yolk! Here is the recipe for - How long to boil an egg!

How do you usually like to have your eggs? One of the biggest things I miss the most with being pregnant is runny yolks as we are advised not to have them in the UK during pregnancy.

*photos above are taken from pinterest


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  1. I love making steamed eggs this way, especially with the dashi too. I've made it with Korean salted shrimps + chicken stock before and that was tasty. Good varieties mentioned Mandy!



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