LIFESTYLE: Driving On The Right Side Of The Law

For me personally I think driving is absolute essential in this country. Our transport system is just not good enough to rely on when compared to places like Hong Kong where you don't actually need a car because everything is so convenient, efficient and most importantly on time because everything runs so frequently. For many of us driving dominates our daily lives, however there are more and more drivers falling short of the law without even realising.

Simpson Millar created the above infographic that looks at some of the laws that are in place in the UK that majority of us won't even know about which means you could be breaking the law without realising. So what do you think....having a for sale sign up is illegal and even driving too slow is breaking the law and I am sure a lot of us have honked the horn because we are frustrated at another driver..after reading the info graphic above you better think twice next time you decide to honk your horn at someone!



  1. This is so useful Mandy, I did not know about those 5 law breaking actions! I knew driving slow had to be illegal though!!!! haha


  2. Love number 3 - I will definitely be checking how many taxi drivers keep to this next time I am in London!


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