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Six months ago I wrote a post on my thoughts on blogging so far and how it has changed so much over the years. The post turned out to be one of my top 5 most viewed blog post to date since starting this blog back in May 2014. I thought it would be good to share how things are going so far and my plans going forward for the next 12 months!

New Blog Template:
This one has been on a mind for a while now, having used my current one for over a year I feel it was time for a make over. Rather than making a little change here and there I decided on a brand new template from Pipdig which will hopefully take my blog another step forward in the direction I want. I think having a new template certainly gives you a boost of motivation along with various other changes. If you feel like you have no motivation to blog, definitely consider a new template.

Quality / Improvements:
Since getting my Sony Z3 I have been just using this to take photos for my blog. I mean it's 20.7 mega pixels for a camera which is better than a lot of cameras on the market and the quality is so good with so many features however it still doesn't compare to a proper camera. I brought this Lumix camera a few years ago apart from taking it on holiday with me it hardly gets used. It has a lot of features but I have actually forgotten how to use it all so I am going to get hubby to teach me so I can start taking better photos going forward. 

Future Blog Posts:
My blog has always been a Lifestyle Blog it allows me to write about what ever happens in my life and I enjoy that very much. However over the last year I have built up a group of followers who only follow me for certain posts so as a result some blog posts are FAR more popular than others and I have decided to focus more on those posts. 

Career Section - A number of you have already used my CV writing service so I have decide to create career section where I can give you tips on Interviews to where to apply for jobs etc...

My Pregnancy Journey - I never thought I would get so many views in less than a week for my ASOS Maternity Picks and you guys love picking my Gro Company picks.

Events - You guys absolutely love Festivals tips / Festival Season and reading about my experience at Camp Bestival. I will try and attend more events where possible to share with you all.

Foodie - This section will include restaurant reviews, home cooking to baking. It appears we are all a bunch of lazy sods..the posts that do well are often the "quick, easy, simple recipes"!

Home Decor - You guys absolutely love home decor posts. My latest home update post is here.

Blogging Tips - I am always one for sharing tips / ideas and you guys love reading it.

I think that is all for now...if there is anything I have missed out that you do enjoy reading please let me know!



  1. I recently posted my goals for business & blog up on my blog. Making list is seriously imported for your success! x

  2. Your list is great and inspiring to read! I love your home posts, 'lazy sod' recipes (hahaha), pregnancy journey and def the blogging tips! Keep it up!


    1. Home posts always get the most views along with blogging tips! I will definitely share more in the coming months x


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