LUSH: Summer Collection 2015 | Making My Own Creamy Candy Bar

A few weeks ago I was invited to our local Lush for their summer collection event which was a really fun Thursday evening. We finally got to preview some of their best selling products which have been out since April when they opened up the biggest Lush store in London Oxford Street. As always their events never disappoints, on arrival they laid out a table with a lovely selection of drinks along with a fresh fruit bar! 
We got to make our very own Creamy Candy Bubble bar which is one of my favorites. I don't usually like sweet scents but for some reason I really like this one. Some of the ingredients included fair trade organic cocoa butter, almond oil and lauryl betaine cornflour. When the mixture was combined into a dough we let it sit for around 30 minutes for it to increase in size before sharing out the dough for everyone to mould their very own Creamy Candy bar! For me this was certainly the hi-light of the evening!
Samples of the Intergalatic, Yoga Bomb and Experimenter were shown to us - beautiful mix of colours. These are probably the best sellers because I remember popping into the Oxford Street store a few months back and the Experimenter was completely sold out a along with a few other things.
A few weeks back I received a A Ray Of Sunshine Lush Gift Box and inside was a 100ml bottle of The Olive Branch shower gel. To be honest I was sure about it at first because it's not usually a scent I would go for but after using it the first time I absolutely love it. It's SO SO moisturising, obviously it would be with the olive oil which is perfect for rubbing around my tummy area to avoid to stretch marks and the scent stays on you for the whole evening. I am definitely picking up a large bottle when I finish this small one - highly recommended product going into the winter if you suffer from dry skin.
I couldn't leave the store without picking up a few bits. At last years Lush Event I was given the Mango Bath Melt to try and since then it's one of my favourites and as you can see I cut it in half to get 2 uses. After seeing the demo on the Milky Bath I had to pick one up to try, milky bath just sounds very moisturising and you can never moisture too much.
Lastly the guys are always very generous with their goody bags (thank you!). The goody bag was packed with everything you need for a pamper evening. Inside mine I received a Golden Handshake hand mask which sounds very interesting, Damaged hot oil hair treatment, Hair Conditioner, Intergalatic and the Creamy Candy bar we all made. 

Have you tried any of their Summer Collection, any recommendations or do you stick with old classics like me?



  1. So sad I couldn't make the event this year, it looks like it was a lot of fun! I'm so keen to try their Comforter shower gel now its not just in the Oxford St store, will have to go and pick it up! :)

    1. It was a really fun evening, I did wonder where you were! The comforter shower cream smells amazing, if you love the comforter you will love the shower cream for sure.


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