MY PREGNANCY: My Journey So Far At 24 Weeks

I have been wanting to do one of these posts to share with you all but there was really not a lot to share in the last few months. I thought it would be a good idea to kick start them now at 24 weeks / 6 months as I am sure there will be a lot of changes between now and due date. The photo above was taken at 23 weeks and my bump is forming nicely!

How Far Along: 24 Weeks so I am past the half way mark already and time is flying by so quickly.

My Bump: The photo above shows the bump forming nicely and it's a really tidy shaped bump still but that could all change in the next few weeks. Believe it or not I don't actually feel pregnant, still moving around like normal so no real changes there just yet and no aches / pains.

Weight Change: Pre-pregnancy = 7 stone 5lbs. Today = 8 stone 6lbs.

Sleep: No complaints been sleeping very well daily but I do like to put pillows either side of my belly for extra comfort so I sleep even better. I am still enjoying my sleep very much which is no different to pre-pregnancy. If I have a tiring day a work I generally have a nap when I get home or after dinner for around 1 hour or so and I wake up so refreshed and no I don't have trouble sleeping in the evening either. I've always had the ability to sleep whenever / where ever - so lucky!

Stretch Marks? None yet, since I found out I was expecting I started slathering on Aveeno body cream twice a day and using their shower & bath oil. I will share another post on this in the next week or two as this stuff is amazing!!

Symptoms: None and I didn't get any morning sickness either but again you never know that could all change in the third trimester but fingers crossed I will also breeze through it.

Cravings: I am afraid I have been really boring...none at all. Not sure if this is a good thing or not!

Miss Anything? Sushi so I have been eating cooked sushi like prawn tempura / softshell crab / avocado etc for now. Also soft egg yolks / fried eggs / boiled eggs. Apart from that I can't really think of anything else.

Best Moment This Week: Hubby's away working so I am able to enjoy so me time and just do what I want / eat what I want and it's been very relaxing. I am a little strange in that I can enjoy my own company too much...with my Pooch Tula of course. I am having daily baths, yes I make the time to have them and they are amazing with my Lush products. I find having a bath daily relaxes me completely which I think helps me to sleep even better. I notice I get a lot of baby movements when I am in the bath also.

Worse Moment This Week: None really other than there are the odd occasional days where I just want to stay in bed and sleep all day and watch netflix.

Maternity Clothes: I have been wearing maternity clothes before 13 weeks, I think I was either bloated or I had a lot of water retention possibly initially as I felt huge for 13 weeks. You can see my maternity picks here.

Movement: I have been having movements for a good 2 weeks now and on occasion the movements are quite strong you can see parts of my belly move!

Belly Button In / Out: In

Wedding Ring On / Off: On still very loose like before so no changes there yet.

Looking Forward to: Working on the nursery, started creating mood boards to share with you all but I need to start shopping for every thing very soon.

Mood: Very happy, relaxed and I would say stress free, I am very much looking forward to going into the third trimester and for my belly to get bigger!



  1. You are soooo cute! Can't wait to see your journey!

    Parie x

    1. Thanks Parie!!! No doubt you will come across more of my posts in the coming weeks. x

  2. i didn't even realise! Congratulations!! Sounds like you're cruising through it, hope it stays that way!!

    Hannah x hannatalks

  3. Awwww, your bump is the cutest and I loved reading this post. More please!! You are literally breezing through, so lucky! =)


    1. Thank you! hehe I will prob do another in a few weeks unless there are major changes! x


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